My Fav hero.................. ;) Whos urs? :o

Pirs :heart::heavy_heart_exclamation::heart_eyes::heart_eyes_cat::kissing_heart::two_hearts:

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The least you could do is to spell her name correctly.


:open_mouth: its Pris…

her name :heart:

At the moment I’m into this gal. I like it when they are a bit cross-eyed. :heart_eyes:

you can find more about people’s favorite heroes here.

It’s 3 months old though, but Huginn’s comment was on point.


I like her, too. Click the little pencil on the bottom of you original post. You can edit the mistake and save the revision.

Bwahaha Hugin and I have the same taste. You know how to make ghoul better? Pair him with chesterfield. Let chesterfield lay traps and that solar flare thingy. Watch the toons roll around HAHAHA

if you’re fighting AIs, adding cinder and baron (destroy cover) will make the poor AI dance around poison and traps HAHAHA

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