Please Hear Us

Hello everyone, I’ve been playing and supporting the game for nearly 1/2 a year now and I’ve been seeing some lovely things being added into the game. Starting from some unique duo and solo queue events for farming fragments, the alliance add (which may be one of the better things added into the game) and this new bonus bounty unlocks. However (I know alot of topics have been made about similar things) I would recommend not making any more new characters and really focus on the bugs/glitches also the huge scale tipping difference of the game. In my opinion most games fall off or dies when they add a lot of new content but don’t remaster the old content to balance everything out.

I understand money is needed, for an example Brave Frontier is one of those games that rarely touches their old content however they give out a lot of gems to keep their players a lot more interested. Then there is League of Legends that has went through dozens of huge editing of their older content too best suit the current meta or change the meta completely.

Now the whole Heal Wall PvP ordeal, you guys had a nice approach to Nerf the healing however I believe adding in more heal blocking characters and slightly reducing certain peoples heals would have been a more beneficial approach for everyone. Reason being, the Heal Wall is still extremely difficult to deal with even after all those Nerfs also those free to play characters now struggle a lot more throughout and game mode now cause they strongly relied on those heals. Another nice option would have been anytime someone gets healed for 5 seconds they get -10% any heal afterwards that stacks.

Last thing Id like to bring out to the table is that I’ve never cared for PvP all that much, Id like to see a game mode where a group of 5 using their own characters running through a raid of sort. It would bring new content to the game most people would like. Not no 3 min raid though, one that either you go until all dies or you killed the objective. nice way for possible gold bar loot as well as other high tier loot you cant really grab yet, in the very least new gorgan verison of dungeons to farm other staple items.

Thats all for my rant, long version short take a couple of months fixing the game and drawling up some new ideas before releasing any more new heroes, keep your supporters happy before they move onto another game.


I appreciate your idea

And they will hear us

Yeah I would definitely appreciate it as well if they would buckle down on the bugs and glitches. I like the idea of more heal-blocking. I have an idea: add heal-block on top of certain characters’ abilities.