Some simple fix ideas

Everyone is always complaining about farmers and as a newer player I can see why. I’m currently level 48 and 2 out of my last 4 fights were against level 70s with there teams dumbed down to 15-20k, and of course 10k is on 1 character. So my solutions to this are actually quite simple and will eliminate a bulk of the issues with minimal dev time involved.

  1. Use the ladder system that is in place. If a bracket is classified level 42-59 the only allow players with team levels in that area to be matched together. This may or may not slow down match making in some brackets but as a new player I would rather go in knowing I have a fighting chance instead of having to just roll over and take whatever mismatch making gives me. If times are too long just adjust team levels accordingly.

  2. Instead of basing matchmaking off a combined power of teams (which obviously doesn’t work) look to base it off the strongest character or use avgs to better match make. For example: player loads a team with with a top of 15k power and a low of 3k. Instead of him having a team power match of 27k it would come out to be 45k. 15+3=18/2=9*5=45. I mean it’s not perfect and would need tweaking a bit but it’s far better than what we have.

  3. Maybe add a reporting system for the smurfers.

I’d love to see a hard punishing for players using 13k and 5k hero’s, ways let them fight 100k Bots haha

But seriously, I don’t think the lvl of hero’s is the problem, just the players that use 7k difference in power between teams, it’s insane at every power level not just the new ones

Sadly although these smurfers exploit the opening in the algorithm to crush new players, it’s all legal at the end of the day. We are all given a choice to max certain things. For example a Plat Gammond with level 1 (2nd~3/4th skill).

Tho maybe just maybe, they could set a limitation to match making. Like for example.

  • if your Hero is level 50, all skills should be max for that hero level before they can enter PVP Area / Tournament.

  • You can only use one metal type in your team. (mixing in with Plat to Silvers will no longer possible). or maybe add this restriction to tournaments. It is a tourney after all.

  • or just straight up punish them, if they use a plat teamed with silvers or bronzies, their highest hero will be the one considered and match them with strong peeps. (like the person who suggested it above)

This would allow lv 70 players to build a lv 30 team of heroes of… 15k power. Since there wouldnt be many players with such a low power, and they cant be matched against player of other brackets, they would only fight bots. And they would be allowed to abuse the system for free victories.

As far as I know, this is already a thing.

The bigger the difference between your stronger and weaker heroes, the more “matchmaking power” you have. So using 5 heroes with 5k power will yield a 25k “matchmaking power”, but using one with 13k and 4 heroes with 3k may match you against 35k power teams (I totally made up these numbers, since I dont know their exact formula)

While I hate this system abuse, technically speaking, is not illegal to do so. Imagine you only have lives in 5 PvP heroes. One of them is gold, the rest are bronce. I would personally use them to try to scrap as many PvP gems as possible. Maybe even a victory. Should I have a harder time in PvP for this? Sure. Should I be banned for this? I don’t think so.

Since June patch, not leveling skills doesn’t give an advantage anymore. Just like I mentioned about “matchmaking power” being higher than your actual power if you create an unbalanced team, the same applies to skill levels. So, level a 1/1/70 Clyde should weight as much as a 70/70/70 Clyde. (I say should, because, again, we don’t know the exact numbers)

So, if someone gets his first gold/plat hero he can’t use it on PvP until he gets another 4? That sounds really unfair.

Don’t get me wrong. I know abusing the system sucks, and we all want it solved. I’ve lost to 10* plat heroes surrounded of silvers too many times. But we shouldn’t use any solution that tramples over honest players.

Making skill levels count as high as the hero level made it harder for people like me that have all heroes at max level, but don’t have the money to max their skills. If I hadn’t leveled my heroes and let them at lv 30ish, I could max their skills for a few bucks and not be punished. But currently I can’t get every single skill to lv 70.

Honest players who are broke are getting punished because people abused the system. Let’s try not to repeat that mistake :slight_smile:

So to clarify… I was referring to team level for the brackets not hero’s levels. There is rules against “cheating” or smurfing your teams power to beat the algorithm. I was unsure of this and sent a support ticket over 1 such case and apparently they punish players but don’t disclose how…/bscough … the support response was mostly about the rules in game not that they actually enforce them.

I think they punish players matching them against stronger enemies (based on power), not an actual punishment like a ban or something like that. Problem is there are a few heroes that can carry their teams even with these punishments (like Dogface)

And I knew you meant team level. But with your suggestion, I could only be matched against level 60-70 players. If I had a team of 5 heroes underleveled, lets say, level 20, then I could make a team with less than 10k power.

What are the chances of finding another level 60-70 player with only 10k power? It would be really hard to find a real match, so system would make me play with bots.

Bots are easy to beat without casualties, so you would be giving high levels a ticket for farming PvP for free.

Just my personal opinion.

This is not really good idea cause when you use all players in pvp, not just A team(yeah that takes 1-2 hours) you are sometimes forced to mix metals, not plat+bronze, but gold+silver happens, so maybe just metal ±1 (gold can be used with Plat or with silver, not together) system would be good

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Good idea man.

Maybe Green to Silver
Gold to Plat.
That’d be more closer.

The best fix for me for this is, let this abusers be punished by matching them with their strongest.
(like if a certain hero is Plat with silvers, an algorithm will kick in and match him with all plat opponents LOL) .

Maybe the easiest way to say it is, something will kick in if one of their characters stray away from the rest of the team.