New Hero Concept: Pylon - Support Team Leader

Element: Energy
Faction: KLG
Position: Rearline

Hp 2/5
Armor 2/5
Damage 2/5
Skills 4/5

I’ll prove to Kurtz that my team is the best… he’ll see that I’m better than Bastion and promote me as the new right-hand man.

Medium Support - Team Leader - Controller
Brilliant but a bit cheeky team leader.
He calls in a support team when he’s alone or when no one goes to his birthday…

Bronze: One For All - call for the support of a team of 2 soldiers who will move to the midline giving the team strength for 25sec or until their death.

  • The 2 soldiers have poor health but cause a lot of damage.
  • before calling back another squad, the hero must wait for the old one to leave

Silver: All For One - Recall the support of a heavily armored soldier, moving to the front line to give support fire to the squad while remaining in the field for 20sec or until his death.

  • He has a lot of health and armor, but is very slow and his damage is very low.
  • Before calling for another one, the hero has to wait for the old one to leave.

Gold: Immediate Request - skills reload by 10% when one of his soldiers is eliminated and 50% when an ally dies.

  • Allied generated troops do not give any bonus

Platinum: Rank up - the hero’s troops rise in rank getting mini-skills (every 25 levels you unlock 1 mini-skill)

  • [One For All]:
    1- Now the soldiers can throw a grenade each every 15sec. (25)
    2- Now the soldiers heal each other. (75)
  • [All For One]:
    1- Now the soldier when he arrives generates a smoke screen that blurs the enemy’s vision for 8sec. (50)
    2- the bullets of his weapon cause more damage to covers and armor. (100)

Ruby: Supported

Appearance: is a young man about 25 years old.
He is wearing a black and white uniform with a protective helmet with KLG symbols on the sides, shoulders and chest.
he has a small radio backpack all black.


His Weapon: Little Extra Eye is a little pdw.
it has a very high rate, it is precise, fast to recharge but the damage is very low

shooting rate : 7.90
ammunition capacity : 21
recharge time : 0.9 sec
damage : Very Low

intro pylon


Just one thought. Since plat skills start at lvl 41 would you only have to upgrade 9 times ? I really like the concept and wish it was in the game. Well done.

Yes, you just need to level up 9 times for the second mini-skill, then the third and fourth require 25 levels each.

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