New Alleance Boss Event Concept: The Land Destroyer


since writing a whole post about how much I hate the Helios raid would be stupid and out of place, I thought I’d completely create a better substitute.
and I’m sure that many people will agree with me that Helio sucks.
This is more an Alleance Coop Event than a normal Coop Raid.


The Land Destroyer a giant super heavy 6-legged tank, a weapon of mass destruction designed by UAF engineers.

Initially thought to destroy the huge QG of Kurtz, now fell into the hands of mysterious faction that have launched it against the UAF base.
Ground defences alone aren’t enough and we need the help of the best soldiers in an Alleance to stop that 6-legged monster.

Bronze: Plasma Blast Mortar - Shoot 12 mortar granades that target enemies and defenses of the fort, each grenade explodes on contact causing devastating damage in a large area.

  • Mortars will not aim at invisible enemies.
  • the grenades are very slow and easy to avoid.

Silver: Railgun - Charge 8 seconds and then shoot a powerful bullet that causes devastating damage by destroying most of the defenses.

Gold: A.T Shield - generates an impenetrable shield that protects the tank for the duration of the advance.

  • when it is destroyed, the shield will be reactivated again after 60 seconds with less health.

Platinum: Assistance Bots - Once the legs and/or the shield generator are destroyed, the Tank will release 20 repair drones that will repair it constantly.
are too fast to be hit on the move

  • the drones cannot repair the destroyed parts
  • Once destroyed, no new ones will reappear.


I thought of this raid as a sort of Tower Defence that takes place in 3 days.
While the tank advances destroying the defenses, the teams will have to destroy it or at least slow it down waiting for air support.
Each player in the alliance can use 20 heroes by sending a team of 5 heroes at a time, up to 4 teams can be present during the fight.
Once heroes have been used, they cannot be reused for the next attack (like gauntlet).
Every day, the hero counter resets and allows the hero to be used again.

Destructible Parts:
Legs - Destroying them will slow down the wagon.
Shield Generator - Destroy it will deactivate the shield but will activate the repair drones
Mortars, Railguns and Machine Guns - there’s no need to explain it

Regardless of size, the tankis quite fast.
To slow it down you can destroy the legs and if you destroy at least 3 of them the turret will fall destroying also the shield generator.
With the hull destroyed, the drones will activate and machine guns become less accurate, but they’ll do more damage hitting more targets at a time and then the rail cannon will start to load a single devastating blow that could 1-Hit destroy the main base.
Once all the armament is destroyed, the armor will fall, leaving the core defenseless.

The destruction of the tank will give a large amount of rewards to all players participating in the event including gold, money, MK equipment (all levels), element/universal frags, frags of 7-star heroes, skins and exclusive heroes for the event (such as commando and other future heroes).
The less time it takes to destroy it and the higher the alliance arrives in the world rankings, the greater the prizes obtained.
Even clans that failed to destroy it will receive the same rewards, albeit in smaller amounts.


I likey!
I’ve been a fan of situations where u have to defend or invade a base with lots of allies (like an army siege) and this seems really cool!

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