NEW Event: Extreme Raid

Must have been. I’m an oldtimer player but i only joined in end July 2017, and wasn’t that active on the forums
It seems you joined in later though. did you have a forum account before that?

Btw, i have had an account before this one. I think I joined around december 2017 with that

So your memory is poor. Heal Wall update was in late 2018.

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I know what the heal wall was. I’m talking about the old name for this game.
And for Gale. Yes, she was strong, very strong with the skin. But it is the all around team combination that made her shine because healing was simply stronger than the average damage output. She has seen changes but not that drastically

Summed up version; no need to nerf her and beck, lol. Plz. Fix. It.

“Butter” does not have MINI GUN !!!
Funny DECA

He did though. That art doesn’t exist without a reason

Originally, Butter and Baron must be one character. But than this concept was splitted in two heroes.

They were always two seperate heroes. They just changed weapons because a minigun is more destructive to cover than a puny defender shotgun

You talking about what completely don’t know and don’t understand, lol. All info on this forum from HotHead developers. I think they know much bigger than you.


Baron is still created seperately. It’s just that Butter’s minigun went to Baron and he got the shotgun. Doesn’t deny my argument

Just read what devs say at link above, lol. Your words don’t cost nothing.

I read it. And i have drawn the conclusion. Do you really feel a desperate need to best me in something?

Well well well, how ironical it is Mr. Pronk.
you tell me i can’t win every argument, and yet

freely interpretation


You don’t. Perhaps you think you’ve won every single one, but you haven’t.
Also, i myself have never said i win every single one. I know when to admit i’m wrong, and i certainly do listen to what other people say. Perhaps i am just right most of the time, but when the time comes i’m not i’m all open to it.
Not sure if i can see the same with you lappo

The rewards of this event is quite nice…
The ruby MK frags is cool…

And 1 to 4 frags of astral and void…
Weeelll… Still better than nothing…

As part of Butter’s re-tooling, we have split the core components of Butter’s original kit into two separate Heroes who will cater to different play styles. Baron offers an aggressive tanking alternative, dishing out spikes of damage quickly, and will often be the center of attention. Use his Taunts and high damage output to draw fire away from a vulnerable teammate.

I think this shows you’re entirely wrong for this one. As with most other claims I might add


You never win any argument because you never know what your talking about. But kudos to you for continuously making a fool out of your self


Dang avatar 0 is 1k days oldish. Seems your need building help also.
Maybe listening to people rather that thinking you know it all would work better

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Im so jazzed about this raid frags needed badly
Thank you DECA !!