NEW Event: Extreme Raid

Hey Hunters!

Are you ready to take your raids to the next level? An Extreme level to be exact.

Join the NEW Extreme Solo Raid :fire: from September 11 until September 16 for a chance to get fragments for all astral and void heroes (excl. Valkyrie and Barrel) and much more!

The event will have five difficulty levels: Brutal, Deadly, Nightmare, Master and of course Extreme. Each new level you open will have a different map. :world_map:

Note: the enemies you face in this Raid have no ruby skills

Each level has its own set of rewards, which include Ruby Core MK VI :star_struck: fragments in addition to the Astral and Void hero fragments.

Hero Bonuses

  • 3x Damage for Barrel
  • 3x Max Health for Barrel
  • 2x Damage for Heimlock
  • 2x Max Health for Heimlock
  • 2x Max Health for Valkyrie

Don’t forget to share your results. :wink:



Whoa! Something really interesting. And different maps!! Best Birthday Day present ever. :innocent: As a person who like challenge I will try beat this with minimum heroes. One question – we got all characters without limits, buff/debuffs?

It’s funny bc it was in the update logs for the App Store, everyone just missed it ;), me and mellow were a small few who new about it, (although I didn’t know it was a surprise and told a few ppl lol)

I actually thought this whole time based one the words “extreme solo raids” that’s the normal solo raids would be getting and extreme level, not an entire limited time event! I hope this event returns bc these limited time frags will be so useful for our heros

Deca listened to me😯

AYO, why does butter have a gattling mini gun???

Edit; nightingale looks different too from what we can see

most likely this was the original look for the heroes before they were changed. game used to be called Gun Rise when in beta.

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Man if they still have those builds, especially nightingales, would make a sweet plus skin, (they could also buff her bc she’s sucks like she’s a walking rock)

She is a good healer when you start out. Even more so when you have her nurse outfit. But the higher you go, the less you see as other better healers replace her.

Things only beta players will understand lol
Butter used to have Baron’s gun, and Baron used to have his gun.

Honestly i preferred her old design

That must have been really early in beta because i don’t remember it being called anything but ‘Hero Hunters’


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Yeah that is 2 months prior to when i joined in. Or 1 month

image ut wont work on day one

Gale was one of the strongest hero for healing…

Back then, if she wears her legendary skin, she could heal all allies to their fullest health…

Then came a nerf, and imo, she’s just so so for now…

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Her heal was never THAT strong. But, being in the defense meta her heal mattered quite a lot because it was consistent and tanked the small bits that were lost

Her heal was this strong, lol. When HotHead add her legendary skin they also experementated with game balance each month – Gale skin was add during infamous Heal Wall update when all medics got huge buff and 95% of battles ends with draw. This is was big scandal and many players leave game because Dogface (main popular damager for this period) don’t kill almost anyone. Also Gale has don’t limited stuns and this is was really annoying. Gale was few nerfs.

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You probably didn’t know, since you weren’t part of the forums until later. But she was a big discussion for quite a while. She went through several changes in months. She was, for a time, pretty godly with her heal. It was triggered often.

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