New Event Idea: Community Boss Fight

Here is an idea I thought would be great addition to the game. Please share your feedback :slight_smile:

As of right now, there are two types of events:
(1) Solo events
(2) Alliance events

So, why not “Community Events”?

Community Boss Fight


  • This event would be similar to the Bounty event, however, the bounty event is restricted to alliance members only, and spawns several bounties at a time. In this event, the entire player community will work together to defeat a single Boss Hero, with a massive amount of health (in the billions).

  • Each player must use their heroes to deal as much damage as they possibly can to the Boss, in order to defeat it before it escapes.

  • This would be a 24 hour event, and each player’s heroes would have 3 lives each. Each hero would regenerate 1 life per x amount of hours.

  • If the Boss is defeated within the 24 hours, rewards are distributed to the participants. However, if the Boss is not defeated within the 24 hours, there will be no rewards.


  • Rewards would only be granted to participants if the Boss has been defeated, and would be contingent on the amount of damage dealt by the players, as well as the amount of total players that participated in killing the boss. Here would be an example of the rewards bracket, regarding the amount of damage dealt:

    • Top 1%
    • 2 - 10%
    • 11 - 30%
    • 31 - 50%
    • 51 - 100%
  • Possible rewards could be Hero Fragments for whomever the Boss hero was… For instance, if the Boss hero was Scum and 1,000 participants were successful in defeating him before he escaped, the Top 1% that dealt the most damage would get 70 Scum fragments, the next 2-10% percentile would get 60 Scum Fragments, and so on, in addition to Bucks, or items maybe.


  • I think this would be a great way for the community to be brought together in order to accomplish a common goal, while at the same time create a competitive and fun event in order to gain rewards.


  • Some may not like the fact that the stronger players will obviously excel in this event, in regards to damage and therefore receive slightly better rewards. With this being said, it would be in the very best interest to all players for the stronger players to use their strength to help defeat the boss, since the rewards would not be given out at all if the boss is able to escape.

All feedback appreciated, thank you :slight_smile:


Awesome pitch @Poobgloob! Thanks for taking the time to write it up!

We have a lot of similar ideas on community events like this! I’ll make sure the team see this :slight_smile:

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