New February 2019 Hero Contest - Winners Announced!

A new Shoremen member is joining the hunt soon!
Welcome… BUCKET, the Hired Enforcer! :facepunch::fire::performing_arts:

Want a chance to win Bucket?
Take your best guess of who she is and what Bucket’s backstory might be!

The lucky winners are:


Congrats to our creative winners. Please be sure to check your forum messages or Facebook messages to receive your Bucket Hero Reward after the February 2019 Update (coming soon).


< joke >
Not long ago - you may even remember it, the team presented a new hero called Kobold. Some of the ideas they had for Kobold was discarded and now the team reached deep down the trash bucket to retrieve some of the blueprints they had for an early version of Kobold.

-Let’s use these and launch very similar hero!
-OK, but isn’t it a bit obvious if we call also this one Kobold? We need something else, let’s get creative…
-Oh well I’m going back down the bucket to see what names we’ve discarded.
-Bucket?! Perfect. There we have it!

And thus, Bucket came to be.
< /joke >

In all honesty, she looks fierce! I like the arm cannons.
As usual I’m looking a lot of forward to try her out.


Bucket maybe a hybrid of a tank and dps focusing on survival with bursts of damage, Bucket backstory might be that she was a sailor on a ship before getting thrown overboard and ending up at the Shoremen dock and getting accepted as a member

Bucket has always belonged to the sea. Her Viking ancestry has come a long way for not only the sea, but the love for fighting. With the hammer of the gods, she will drive her ships to new lands. To fight the horde, and sing and cry Valhalla, I am coming! She uses her skills to protect and fight for those who cannot while her brother Fortress also fights

Ah-ah, ah!

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Hi Kobold :raised_back_of_hand::wave:
Ohhh wait… you are the new Hero :scream:

Hello, my English is not very good but I love it Hero Hunters.
The bucket sister Keel, and together they wander the world and looking for easy prey. Once they joined the pirates and went to Rob the ships of merchants. Was a cold dark night, the patrol noticed in the distance approaching the ship. To their misfortune it was a combat vessel UAF, which at that time commanded Oracle. The forces were not equal, the battle was short. One of the rockets Ryker got got to hold ammunition and a blast. Keel was taken prisoner and Bucket was thrown into the sea. Fragments of her much isoradial face. She woke up in the docks, found her and nursed Moss.
A few months later, Keel managed to escape, no longer hoping to meet her sister with tears in her eyes wandered along the beach, where they were attacked. Serendipitously floated by the boat on which was her sister. Bucket and Keel met again and joined the shoremen squad together.
Thanks for reading!


Um, scum + bucket sounds like chum bucket or something NFSW. Kidding aside, really excited for this new one. Hope shes a decent frontline hero or at least midline

BUCKET being a patriot player and good friend of FORTRESS don’t accept the loyalty of patriots and now shake hands with shoremans and now against patriots as they disgraced him and insulted him…

Bucket is the sister of Kobold.They got separated during the war, Bucket was found by the shoreman. Her bio-chem attacks rapidly eat away at enemy shields and she recovers health as they go.

Alright, here’s an actual submission from me. Also, relevant.

When the UAF tore through the Shoremen’s defenses even with the assistance of the Lawgivers, it was unanimously clear to the people of the docks that they needed a far stronger line of defense. Leaders of the Shore sent out contracts for mercenaries outside the City, calling for hired guns from far above and to the deep below. While a few Shoremen would instead wish to rely on their own people for solid protection, their opinions would be radically changed by a simple-named enforcer known only as… “Bucket.”

“Snicker all you want. You wouldn’t be laughing so hard when you face down these two babies! It’s like I have buckets of aci-…”
“Don’t you have a mission for me?”

At first, she… did not impress the Shore’s leaders. Her mannerisms where unprofessional and her interests were immature. After all, there was already one masked felon the Shoremen needed to deal with from the Patriots’ side. Nonetheless, her arm-mounted Biochem mortars quickly shifted the leaders’ opinions about her the moment their radioactive blobs of corrosion melted through Gorgon after Gorgon. The sight would have made the Morlocks run for their Heronium.

“Is this a normal day for the docks?”
“Just robots attacking like they did in those old world cartoons?”

Strangely, while mercenaries like her would want more than just what the Shoremen’s bounties rewarded, the lady never asked for any more. Nobody questioned it; in truth nobody wanted to. Despite her less than favorable mannerisms, she was still an imposing sight. Two acid cannons and a mask helped in that regard.

“…wouldn’t mind watching one of those with someone…”


In world of hero hunters,
The war is begin in between hero’s and terrorist group which is leaded by the evil kurtz and his army. Many hero’s are trying to give freedom to the districts. But kurtz army will never hold back and capture the all 13 districts.
Then by U.A.F starts the missions to free the districts from the evil kurtz army. In this mission the many hero’s turned own mind and leave the kurtz army.
In this wars many families are suffered and many are dead in only two children’s from one of the family is survived. The name of children’s are KOBOLD and His younger sister BUCKET. But they separated from each other.
One day BUCKET is to be founded by a men on slipping on ground, who sells the children’s as a slave to the people and bucket is solded to the one foreigner. Foreigner is loaded his ship to go away his country but keel but that time keel is also there in docks they saved the little BUCKET and give the training as a hired enforcer he take brutal situation missions which is don’t want to face the other shoreman fraction heros. He is just burn everything in his path with his flamethrowers. And now in district 13 its event very difficult to face kurtz force to U.A.F so they hired BUCKET for support. And that’s why bucket will be joining the list very soon…
BUCKET is defends the ports from neighbours also the all heros are only listening of them of the shoreman faction because she is too powerful.
• Buckets flames are too powerful for close combat also they give extra damage after long burning.
• Long burning of enemy gives this heros extra beneficial effects which is increase in Damage, health boost, ability to stun target for 3 sec etc.

                                                           THANKS  YOU FOR READING...
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Sorry, this is more like a chapter in a book.
Enjoy the read if you can make it all the way through :slight_smile:

As a member of a prosperous fishing tribe, Emma Lowry lived on a remote edge of The Outskirts in a small hut with her grandmother. For all members of her village, each day consisted of the three same activities.

Eat. Sleep. Fish.

For Emma’s community, fishing was a way of life. It served not only as a successful method of food gathering, but more importantly, as an activity that allowed time to pass by quickly and peacefully, while havoc was relentlessly befalling on all other places. It was an ancentral practice that has been passed on from generation to generation.

Although it was practiced every day, the fishing skills varied between each member in the village. There were horrible fishermen, such as Bufoot, who couldn’t catch a fish if it jumped into the boat with him; and there were great fishermen, such as Oliver Coldman, who once caught a 400-pounder (although it only weighed 200 pounds the first time he told the story); but no fisherman was greater than Emma Lowry…

Even on the worst of days, when Oliver Coldman, who once caught 6 fish on a single hook (although it was only 2 the first time he told the story), couldn’t bring home even one fish, Emma always came back with a fully loaded bucket of freshly caught big ones.

Emma’s fishing skills, however, were not always present, and in fact, was quite the miraculous onset considering she used to be in Bufoot’s position. It remained a mystery to everyone in the village as to how she became so good, so fast, but she always kept it to herself. Even Emma’s grandmother began to question her.

Emma, how ya’ keep bringin’ dem’ bucket full’a fish home each day? You neva’ even used ta’ bring home a single fish scale.

It’s nothin’ gramma! Oliver Coldman just taught me some neat tricks is all! Hey, did you know he once jumped in the water to wrestle a shark that tried stealin’ his fish? (Although, some witnesses say it was just a sea otter, but Oliver begs to differ.)

In actuality, Emma Lowry and the cocky, fib-telling fisherman, Oliver Coldman, have never spoken to each other a day in their lives. Emma merely used this lie as a means to satisfy her grandmother’s curiosity.

Well whateva’ he taught ya’, keep on doin’ it, ya’ hear? Keep bringin’ dem’ bucket home, aight’?
I like dat…
I think dat’s ya’ new nickname Emma… Bucket…

I like that gramma…

I like it too… I love ya’ Bucket, an’ I’m so prouda’ ya’.

Emma’s guilt began to grow.

Soon, “Bucket” caught on and Emma Lowry was no longer “Emma Lowry”… She was now known as Bucket, the village’s best fisherman.

As her fame around the village grew, more and more people wanted to join her as she went on her fishing excursions, although she would always strongly insist on going alone.

It was odd how all the other fishermen came back covered in scales, blood, and fish-smell, while Bucket always came home looking and smelling clean as a whistle. No one really questioned it, except a jealous and suspicious Oliver Coldman, whose status in the village had since been reduced to ‘second-best fisherman.’

As Oliver Coldman’s suspicions grew, he planned to follow Bucket on her next fishing expedition. So, the next morning, as Bucket strolled down the shoreline, with her fishing pole, bait bag, and empty bucket in hand, Oliver Coldman lurked behind her quietly. After nearly an hour of walking, Bucket reached the entrance of a strange cave. Shortly after she entered the cave, Oliver Coldman heard voices coming from within. As he hid with his back leaned against a cave pillar, he listened to the surrounding voices:

Voice 1: “How much have you brought for us Bucket?”

Voice 2: “The bag looks full, is it more than yesterday’s?”

Bucket: “Yes, it’s more than yesterday’s load.”

Voice 2: “Great, let us see it.”

*bag unzips as an eccentric aura of light emits from the cave’s darkness*

Voice 1: “Wow, that is more than you’ve brought us all week! Bucket, you have shown us such great loyalty… When will you join us for good?”

Bucket: “I’m sorry, but I’ve told you, I can’t… My village needs me… I will continue to hold up my end of the bargain, just as long as you hold up yours. Now, do you have my fish?”

*the sound of slimy critters flopping around in a metal bucket echo throughout the cave*

Bucket: “Thank you all. Till’ tomorrow”

*Bucket nods and goes on her way*

Oliver Coldman overheard the entire conversation and was disgusted by Bucket’s fraudulence and decided right then and there that her disgracefulness was not welcome back to the village. Oliver Coldman decided to take Bucket out of the picture.

As Bucket began her walk back from the cave, Oliver Coldman snuck up behind her, grabbed the fishing knife from his boot, and shoved the blade in one of Bucket’s cheeks as it came out the other side. As she fell to the floor, Oliver Coldman pulled out the knife from her face, gripped Bucket’s lower jaw with his right hand and yanked back as if he was starting a lawn mower.

As his rage ensued while holding Bucket’s detached jaw in his hand, Oliver Coldman stood up, faced towards the ocean and tossed it as far as he could, like a Frisbee.

As the splash settled from her jaw being swallowed by the ocean’s fangs, Oliver Coldman jumped back onto Bucket and grasped her tongue from her mouth.

Your little façade will continue no more! You ruined me with your bucket of lies, and no one will believe me! It’s time for you to kick the bucket, Bucket!

Just as he was about de-tongue her with his fishing knife, the blade pressed against her tissue, a gunshot sounded in the distance, followed by a soft and somewhat soothing whistling noise, which gained volume as seconds passed.

As the whistling noise grew louder and louder, Oliver realized that his head was standing in the path of a screeching bullet, but it was too late to react. As the bullet passed through its mark, Oliver’s head poofed into a blend of red, salty sea mist, picked up by the ocean’s breeze, and dispersed across the sand ever so subtly.

As Bucket was drifting in and out of consciousness, five silhouettes came rushing to her aid.

When she woke up, Moss, Keel, Fischer, Cast, and Scum stood over her inside the cave. Thanks to Moss’ healing remedies and Keel’s craftsmanship, Bucket was saved, and now she owed her life to The Shoremen.


The end.


Everyone has to make a living some way.

Born on the northern coastlines, Bucket grew up knowing what hard work was. She frequently cleaned and scrubbed her family’s house, earning her the nickname “Bucket” (an endearing term, but one which was inwardly hurtful). Living among unsanitary conditions, she would frequently work for the townspeople, taking jobs to pay for the expenses of day-to-day living, using her chemical solutions to clean, sterilize, and sanitize the aged homes she grew up around.

But Kurtz…

That man Kurtz, the one who made many enemies and hurt many people, he found them. He brought war to Bucket’s home, ransacked it, and left it in ruins.

An awful gash ran across her face. She had escaped death, but in life she witnessed overwhelming pain. Donning a mask to cover her identity and repulsive scar, Bucket set out to provide for herself again. She became a support mercenary, using her chemicals to sustain allies and harm enemies. It paid well, and through her upgrades she became more and more competent in her work.

This went on for some time, but without a home, many things lacked…meaning. She was nearly at hope’s end, until a certain, strange group of individuals caught her interest.

She noticed them because…they were like her. Strange, motley, masked, shoremen. She quickly made herself available to the villagers, and through several failed KLG assaults, she proved herself. For the first time in a long time, she had a home, a people, and a purpose.

Bucket embraced her identity: her past, trade, injury, mask, her heritage and her name. She truly began to flourish as a shoreman.

She began to live again.

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@Poobgloob Whew, excellent story! Especially vivid in imagery and pacing; nicely done!

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“Does it say you want the bucket?”


(Very apt response) :joy:

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Shoreman knew that they are fractured and will not be able to sustain upcoming enemy attack. That’s when they came across a ranger named BUCKET. Bucket is a fierce warrior who can contain enemy forces. They were able to hire BUCKET to join shoreman to strengthen them and reunite them all.

She’s definitely a pirate. An anti hero from the seas who doesn’t blend well with the normal rules of factions. Handy in a fight knocking down cover and making damaged enemies visible on contact with plat upgrade.

Judging by her braided golden hair and the fact that she wears green, it is obvious that she used to play for the Boston Celtics. Hence, her name Bucket, short for ‘Bucketball’, the Hero Hunters version of Basketball except it’s played using conch shells instead of a ball. Surely, she will be breaking ankles and dunking over the opposing teams in PVP events throughout this month. In the video, one might think she is about to spew acid over her opponents, but that’s just her defensive stance while she shuts down the enemy point guard.


Bucket’s Bucket List

  1. Become a leader of her tribe
  2. Unite the warring clans
  3. Prove to the world how strong the Shoremen are
  4. Improve the living standards of her people

She has grown up in a world encumbered by strife and has vowed to change that for her people. Since birth life has been a struggle to survive down in the docks. Work is limited and and food is scarce. Tribes raid a pillage each other or coerced into being henchmen for other factions. She grows tired of defending her own land against fellow Shoremen. Her dream is coming through as she is working her way to being recognized as a leader among most of her people. It did come easy for her since women are not usually held in high regard for leaders roles. This isn’t stopping her because of her iron will to survive. Her tactics on the frontline help squash piety differences among warring tribes. With the support of the commoners she is moving sights toward improving overall wealth of her people. She refuses to backdown and continually pushing forward.

Even Bucket wasn’t excited about her HH debut.

For one, her name wasn’t heroic, or inspiring or anything, it just kinda sucked.

Second, she looked too much like Kobold (or a cross between Kobold, Ghoul and Scum), and those looks ranked high in the underwhelming stakes. She wished she could have been designed to look as cool as Prophet, or Moss or even Sapphyre :frowning:

And third, her skills… sheesh she was kinda hoping to get something better but the dev in charge of designing her was on holiday leave most of the time!

Poor Bucket. Nothing goes that well for her in life, always drawing the short end of the stick…

… But you know what? That’s our Bucket, she thrives in adversity.

She’ll come good, no matter what poor start she’s been handed.

Let’s watch her rise to the top, one sloshy, wet and soaked step at a time.

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