New Gamemode Suggestion: Extra Game 2

Hi guys.

Continuation to New Gamemode Suggestion: Extra Game

So these are another extra games.

4. Ghost Buster

This game is going about killing the ghost. hahaha, perfect for Halloween. Anyways, about this game, you need to kill the opponents who has the ability to become invisible and these opponents are Mandrakes (the master of invisibilty).

There are two mandrakes: the Original Mandrake and Timberland-skinned Mandrake.
Both of them will not shoot you, they all just run and run and run.
But if the Timberland-skinned mandrake in exposed and you shoot him, his bronze skill (tomahawk) will activate and shoot you just to stunn you, no damage. Of course, they are all easy to kill.

But, here’s a twist, you have a competitor, you need to defeat your competitor by getting more points than him. and to be fair, both of you are the same hero, like for instance if you choose panzer, then your competitor is also a panzer. But if his score is bigger than yours, then half of yours will only be given to you.

When starting, 5 mandrakes will be placed: 4 invisible, and 5 visible. When one dies, then another mandrake is born (either invisible or visible). They’re invisibility is based on their silver skill (Relocation) thus, he will go invisible or visible anytime.

Original Mandrake: 2 points
Timberland-skinned Mandrake: 5 points

So i guess killing them would be a challenging. The scores you get in a given time limit is your points for your rewards. Your competitor can be a bot or a player (solo mode or 2 player mode).

Oh btw, there is also a supporter, and this is Ifrit. He can help you show the ghost you are dealing with. And also to see you who you should kill to gain bigger points.

5. Quiz B

Details: Ok, this may sounds like childish or boring, but I tell you, this will tell you how many heroes you know. But the question is how this game works. Here’s how.

The main hero you will only use is Bucket. No other else. Now the area is same as the Airport PVP Map. But the LED Monitor found in the center is transfered into back of the opponents position. Now the the opponents you will face are only 3 and these will randomly changed each time the final answer is given.

OK the process of this quiz will be like this. at the start you will go to the positions of frontline. after you get placed, 3 different enemies will run toward to their midline’s position. Of course the barriers are present to block your view on what hero is behind that barrier. Next on you can see the question or trivia on the LED. The answer to the questions is among the enemies you faced. The enemies will shoot you after few seconds of sitting in their position but less damage. But if you shoot the wrong the answer, then you will get stunned like for 5 seconds. Instead of time limit, life limit is given. if you kill the correct enemy, all enemies dies, and then another set of enemies and question no. 2 will show and the damage their damages increases, then so on, and so forth.

When shooting your answer, you can use the skills of bucket, like a normal battle.

Btw, on the LED, displays the question or statement or Triva. and below is hint showing the skill name or skill icon.

So, What do you think guys??? heheheh

Another mini games coming soon…


Dang, you have some great ideas!

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