Why devs? I'm just giving ideas

Good day to all devs.

I would like to humbly ask why my post regarding about my second suggesting Extra game was locked.

New Gamemode Suggestion: Extra Game 2

I’m just giving ideas to everyone, about whats on my mind. I know they may sound childish, or stupid or ridiculous to you guys, but i know there are also someone likes it. They only just have the same title but they have different content.


By way of posting these ideas, it made me felt like I’m welcomed especially when someone appreciated it. It really made my heart hurt when you locked it. If you don,t want me to continue suggesting this kind of idea then i will stop just tell me. But if you want me to continue, i still have plenty of ideas, just tell where I made wrong and tell me what to do. Im still willing to tell you all my ideas, who knows maybe you guys might get some part or make a new idea out of my ideas. Thank you guys.

You made another post instead of adding onto the first one, probably

No need for a second post. You could have used the first one. Also, making a new one asking why your topic was locked is also a no-no.

Make sure to read the whole FAQ completely and thoroughly before you make another topic!