New Gamemode Suggestion: Extra Game

Extra Game Series.

No. 6: Hacker’s Game

Min: "Hi there, Hunter. Did you know that I just hacked your phone? giggles. I’m gonna challenge you with my modified PVP. I want you to destroy all my teams that i just made. But let me put some twist here. I made them all applied with my Smokebomb.exe (Gold skill). Now show me how good you are. hihihi Prove to me you that you are great. "

Min: “Btw, since I hacked your phone, I will give you something good. You can choose duplicated hero as many as you can as long as you can form a 5 hero team. HAHAHA. :slight_smile: So choose wisely. Better defeat my team, Ok, I mean my teams. hihihi, (giggles), Many teams you defeat, I will give you greater reward. :slight_smile: Good luck hunter.”