New Event Idea

I’ve been playing another game for two months now, I’m not going to advertise it, which is not even the case, but it has an interesting in-game event.
In a nutshell, it has a totally random daily event that consists of hunting monsters, if you win you get a prize and if you also complete some specifications you get additional prizes.

What I’m saying is do something similar.
A sort of Random Daily Bounty, which appears in a level at random among those already unlocked or that it’s a special mission apart that pops up in a district already unlocked.
Is like normal Bounty but reduced to a single hero and the difficulty varies depending on the district where it appears or the level of the player and has a specific time of completion otherwise it disappears.

I’ll give you an example.
A Daily Bounty appears with Beck and a notification arrives.
You open the mission and it says “Kill Beck to win X prize”.
and next to that there are 3 other sub-missions that say

  1. use at least 3 Biochemicals
  2. Heal the whole team with one active skill
  3. No ally must die

if you complete them, you will receive other X minor prizes (sub-missions are randomly generated and are not obligatory, but if you want the full prize you must complete them all).
Once you start the game is like a normal Bounty only that has two rounds, the first is preparatory while in the second there is Beck waiting for us.
Once eliminated, you win the mission, take the prizes, everyone happy and wait for the next Bounty.
If you lose you can start over again but Beck is back to full health.
But always within the time limit before the Bounty disappears.

So, there’s 5 prizes in total.
The first one is for Bounty’s elimination which can be crates with random prizes.
The second, third and fourth can be various objects such as gold, tickets or money.
While the 5th prize is only for 100% completion and are more important items such as ruby equipment, rare tokens, fragments of heroes from 4-7 stars and so on.

I shot prizes at random, then it will be work for the programmers.

That’s all for now, if I get anything else I’ll write it down or nothing.


Reminds me of Training Grounds in R6 Siege. It’s a one time thing, not daily, but still similar. You have to complete 10 missions that are all different situations and different operators. You earn 200 credits per completed challenge. The challenges are usually “complete the missions with 50%+ health remaining” or “kill enemies with a specific gadget.”
@LordNikon knows what I mean lol

Anyway… I like the idea. Something that is quick, daily, and lets us earn some extra rewards. And maybe they could use brackets that they use for PvP and Gauntlet, and your power depends on what district your bounty is in. I hope they consider adding this.

I’ll pass the feedback along, thanks.


Wouldn’t new event ideas kinda of be like concept hero’s? Nice to think of but they can’t really make them

Thank you Captain obvious, I didn’t know they couldn’t use them.

Idea or concept are always the same, they just change the name.

But hey, if I got one and I want to share it, I do.

It was merely a question lol. I was curious if it was the same

Lets go for coop pvp that Will be awesome ! !!Just imagine

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