A Very, Very Wild Idea (New Gamemode Idea)

Hero Hunters: Gun Games

All of you guys here should have heard of a mode called Gun Games right? If not, here’s an overview of how it would work on Hero Hunters:

2 players face off each other. They all start on a hero with an A at the start, Plat 7* one bar. You then start the solo match. Whoever wins shall go up the alphabet. All heroes are available in this match, even 7* heroes are available. The whole game ends when the timer ends and who got the farthest wins or one of the two gets to Kurtz and wins first.

The Rules To Rank Up:

  • Kill the other opponent first (duh)
  • If you kill the enemy with a skill (doesn’t matter which skill), the loser move to their previous hero and vice versa.
  • If you kill the enemy without any abilities, you go up and the enemy stays at their normal position (this should show at the death count below) and vice versa.
  • No skins are allowed no matter if it is common or rare. If so, the other player must either have or the player with the skin must unequip it.

An Announcement Regarding This Idea Of Mine

You people might be thinking “never in the world would that happen” but that is because of the DEVS that are not willing to add it to the game. Well, I am hosting a custom Gun Game match myself using the custom matches viable via adding friends. The same rules apply but I understand NO ONE has all the heroes obtained yet, so if you do find my account, please do check the heroes that I and you obtained. If I or you don’t have the hero that the other player has, please do text me via a private chat on Hero Hunters and if any of you want to participate, do post a post saying “I do” or in any sort and send in your HH Username. I will go down the order of the replies and face you off in the match. A match should be at least 5-10 mins long so be prepared and I will HOPEFULLY see you guys in a week!

(I have tested it with my clan members, they liked it. I hope you do too)


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If I had missed any facts out of the original Gun Games, do correct me.

I haven’t heard of this concept being pitched before, so saying we aren’t willing to add this to the game is pre-preemptive.

That being said, I don’t think we’re willing to add this to the game.


Lmfao, #devs are savage

I know you guys are not really willing to add this in, but I did not say that you guys MUST add this in. I found a loophole in the game using the custom matches between you and another player and I have used this to test it out. And also, if you did read the bottom paragraph, I was saying that I was opening trials to people who wants something new to test out. But hey, if you guys are not willing, then I can’t force you guys to say yes.

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Of all the great suggestions they’ve gotten through the year/s about new heroes, new map designs, new game modes etc. we haven’t really seen any of those implemented. They do their job, they probably love and adore community members wanting to change their game to the better but they can’t cut their roadmap and implement stuff out of user feedback. They probably have a really long roadmap!

As I have said before, I did not really have high hopes for this mode to be implemented, but I have found a way, a system that the mode can work. I just need a few people to actually try and experience it themselves. I just want to give the community a new way to play to pass time. Read the last paragraph above to know how to enter.

let’s say that P1 eliminates more heroes than P2, then P2 would not be too disadvantaged to fight a platinum with a silver?
it would be a little more correct to give small boosters to the one that is losing no?

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