New Gamemode Suggestion: Extra Game

Extra Game Series.

No. 7: Face yourselves

Have you ever wondered what will be the war look like if there were only one kind of hero? Well, wonder no more. This time, you have a team of 5, facing another team of 5. There will be a random pick of heroes to which what heroes you all will be using. For instance, if the random pick chooses Hideo, then all the heroes will be hideos. Thus, 10 Hideos will be on the battlefield. But there is also an exception. All support heroes (Healers and Shielders) will be banned from this game since it will make the battle go longer. Existing PVP maps can be used since only the hero pick were changed.

Imagine, if the chosen hero is Hideo, how awesome it will be when all of them jumps and jumps and jumps. Hahahaha… How much more when the hero is Halloway… hahahha