Rank of each hero

I propose the development of rank. As we know there is a maximum platinum +5. After it there is no development. Now after the platinum should emerald. In the new rank of new forces and new skills. The ruby ​​rank will be red.
Platinum. 60 level.
Platinum +1. 65 level.
Platinum +2. 70 level.
Platinum +3. 75 level.
Platinum +4. 80 level.
Platinum +5. 85 level.
Ruby. 90 level.
Ruby +1. 100 level.
Ruby + 2. 110 level.
Ruby +3. 120 level.
Ruby +4. 130 level.
Ruby +5. 140 level.
Ruby +6. 150 level.

Good idea, but at this point in the game where it is extremely hard and time consuming to push one hero to full 5 Plat Bars, it would take too long to reach your recommended ranks.
Although things can change in the materials required for ranking up.

agree with you, just suggested 10 levels to achieve a new rank. You can do more conveniently in 5 levels to achieve.