New Hero and Faction Concept: Redd - Falling King

Element: Mech
Faction: Red Jackets
Position: Midline

Hp 3/5
Armor 2/5
Damage 4/5
Skills 4/5

??: Did you win?
Redd: ...yes...
??: Do you feel satisfied?
Redd: ...yes...
??: at what cost?
Redd: family...

Assailant - Pure DPS - Provoker - Single Skill Counter

  • Leader and only member of one of the most violent criminal gangs since before the war.
  • Nicknamed also with the same name of his gang, he is considered as the king of vandals.
  • After a long and bloody battle of territory against the S.W.A.T., he remained the only surviving member and does not intend to leave his “family”.

Bronze: Head Cracker - frontally assails the target by hitting it violently on the head with his iron club.
The attack can cause X to X damage.
Low level attacks can cause [Smashed] which will cause slight X damage per second until the end of the game.

  • Further use of [Head Cracker] on the same target increases the basic damage of the attack and can increases the [Smashed] charges
  • If high level damage is caused, X more damage will be caused for each charge of [Smashed].
  • Up to 10 [Smashed] charges can be accumulate.

Silver: Provocative Target - provokes the target by forcing it to use one of its skills on him.
The hero will parry and send back the attack on the target enemy.

  • [Provocative Target] can parry grenades, rockets, mortar blanks, special bullets and arrows.
  • can not parry melee attacks, but will reduce the overall damage by 50% and also damage the attacker.

Gold: Double Shot - the hero can attack two enemies at once if they are close enough to each other.

  • [Double shot] sacrifices the total damage to a single target to expand the attack area.

Platinum: Vandal - every time something is destroyed, the hero gets X damage, X% charging speed and increases the movement speed by 50% for 3sec.

Ruby: Doing Damage

Appearance: is a man of an undefined age, he is old but we do not know how much.
Is of medium stature, thin but athletic.
He wears a red jacket with hood that covers half his face leaving only his chin uncovered, old blue faded jeans with rips, chains and old black running shoes.
He has a white band tied on his left biceps in memory of his companions.

His Weapons: Crimson Winners
Are a pair of compact SMGs.
they have a high number of ammunition, a high rate of fire and very good accuracy, but they lack a bit on basic and elemental damages and being in two, it takes a while to reload.

Class: SMG
Shooting rate : 12.5
ammunition capacity : 40 (20 per gun)
recharge time : 2sec
damage : Medium-Low

Faction: Red Jackets


Many years ago, before the war, there was a small group of cheap vandals with Redd and his brother at their head.
They were, as it were, simple-minded… they went to a place, vandalized it, if it happened to happen they would steal something and go as they came.
Then, after a small neighborhood feud, the other group joined them, and they increased the group.
They started bigger hits, drugs, weapons, money laundering, robberies… the more gangs joined, the more their members and territories increased until they controlled entire cities.
But the number of enemies also increased, as well as the state and the police…even the mafia, had reached the point of having daily confrontations with them.
But they didn’t care, they were rich, powerful and had enormous power.
Then from ZeroDay everything changed, with the arrival of Kurtz, the Klg and affiliates, although very strong, could not keep up with them and most of their territories fell and many members were taken prisoner or killed.
Then came a primordial S.W.A.T., which in power were similar, but with the help of the mafia they had much more resources.
There was a violent and bloody battle between them that ended with the victory of the Red Jackets, but… many of them were killed of which 50% of them and another 49% joined S.W.A.T. [of their own free will].
Redd remained the only survivor and still today he categorically refuses to leave that rubble he calls home, that little space of earth and concrete where his friends disappeared, that little house where his family died.

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I really like the backstory behind the Red Jackets. :+1:t2:

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