New Hero Concept: Ash - Backup Firefighter

Element: Energy
Position: Midline

Hp 3/5
Armor 2/5
Damage 2/5
Skills 4/5

I don’t need to be a war hero, multi-decorated and starry-eyed to help my mates.
I’m a firefighter and I do my job.

Support - Boost / Reducer - Helper
He may not be a great attacker or defender, but his skills are fully dedicated to helping his teammates.
He’s able to overturn even the worst situations, the important thing is to have patience.

Bronze: Portable fire extinguisher - hit the target with a foam causing slowdown, silence, disorientation and 10% chance of blocking.

  • The foam can hit more than one enemy if they are close enough.

Silver: Water Bomb - throw a water bomb into the air and when it explodes it generates a light drizzle.
Allies receive health and damage recharging bonuses.
Enemies suffer slowdown, decreased to damage and every time they move they have a 20% chance of slipping and suffering minor damage.

  • [Water Bomb] remains active for 6 seconds.

Gold: Firefighter - Ash gets [Firefighter] charges during the game.
Each charge allows massive boosts and bonuses as elemental damage resistance of 15%.
Defense and attack increased by 10% against Mechanical enemies and 5% against Biochemists.

  • up to 5 charges and they will remain active until the end of the game or by taking critical hits.

Platinum: Good Team Work - when the hero gets more than one [Firefighter] charge, it is given to the weakest or least healthy ally at the time.
The ally can only receive 1 charge and will remain active until the end of the game or suffer critical hits.
The enhancement to damage and defense depends on the ally’s element*.

  • Ash will only begin to accumulate [Firefighter] charges for himself when the entire team has one charge each.

Appearance: Ash is a man in his 70s.
He’s only old in age, but he has a beastly, athletic body.
He’s tall and bald.
He wears a classic fireman’s suit, but armored to withstand elemental damage.

His Weapon: The “Red Fire” is a small carbine with a large magazine, high rate of fire and high accuracy, but the damage is very low.

shooting rate : 10.5
ammunition capacity : 35
recharge time : 2.2 sec
damage : Very Low

Other Notes
  • Mechanical = +defense and damage vs bio
    Biochemical = +defense and damage vs energy
    Energy = +defense and damage vs mechanical

allied [firefighter] charges only donate 7.5% of the boost (otherwise it was OP)

this was supposed to be the original weapon, but for obvious reasons I changed it.
I tried to draw a mixture of old smg and I ended up with this thing.


I like it, sounds fun and also balanced :slight_smile:

I love the original weapon and the fire-based skills!