New Hero Concept: Pyrocical - Fire Eater Unit

Element: Mech Icon_ElementMech
Faction: Morlocks Faction_Morlocks
Position: Midline

Hp 2/5
Armor 2/5
Damage 3/5
Skills 5/5

Tech: we didn’t have time to give him a voice, so we equipped him with an mp3 with over 500 songs and a speaker.
Basically he talks by dividing each song word by word to create a sentence.
Sometimes it’s terrifying.

Destroyer - Elemental Fighter - Glass Armor

  • Units 69185, were animatronics designed and developed as a tool of psychological terror because of their demonic-like appearance.
  • They were often sent into insurgent areas and almost always their mere presence was enough to calm the fierce reports.
  • In the early stages of the war, they were equipped with AI, an auxiliary electronic brains and support fire power for small-area or urban combat.
  • Pyrocical is a special case, its AI was implanted with the memories of former soldiers, giving it human skills and knowledge plus enormous firepower. and a few cases of multiple personality ragebursts

01_Bronze Immolatium
shoots a fireball that leaves a trail of fire behind.
The sphere explodes on impact on any surface creating a small area of fire.
The burnt area and fire trail will continue to burn for 20sec causing Icon_ElementMech damage to anyone inside.

  • Overwhelmed enemies will continue to burn for 10secs, even if outside the area, taking constant Icon_ElementMech damage.

02_Silver_CleanSweep Fire Vortex
Generates a fire vortex on the enemy field that will move right to left and vice versa for 15sec.
Any overwelmed enemy will suffer constant Icon_ElementMech damage and remain on fire taking contstant damage for 20sec.
If a vortex is already present, further use of [Fire Vortex] will increase its level boosting power and duration, but increments the charging time by 10%.

  • A level 3 vortex generates fire trails that will deal constant Icon_ElementMech damage to any overwelmed enemy.

03_Gold Broken Pipes
Time to time while taking damage, the hero might set himself on fire, damaging himself and the enemy who shot him.
Hero and enemy will suffer Icon_ElementMech damage that will increase over time for 3sec.

  • Melee attacks will only set the enemy on fire.

04_Plat Incendiary Cloud
The entire battlefield is enveloped in a cloud of smoke.
The first activation of [Broken Pipes] will cause the smoke to explode, engulfing the entire battlefield in flames and causing Icon_ElementMech damage to everyone present for 60sec.

Ruby: Striker
What is a tank without its cannon and its armor?
This hero gets X Icon_ElementMech damage and increases its armor by X, his head remains exposed but has a 15% chance to deflect incoming bullets.

is a 5.83 tall animatronic skeleton clad in an armour similar to a horned demon without eyes and covered with a series of pipes and fire mouths all over the body, in the centre of the trunk resides the tank with a highly incendiary volatile gel.
The body is predominantly metallic black with a few sprinkles of bright red, the fire mouths generate small bright blue flames.

Its Weapon: Crematory Sentence
It is a semi-automatic heavy machine gun with a 5-shot burst.
The base damage is very low, the rate of fire is very high and it can severely reduce the trajectory of bullets if not controlled.
The flame thrower is decorative only.

Class: LMG
Shooting Rate: 18.7
Ammunition Capacity: 50
Reload Speed: 2.20 sec
Damage: Low

All icons were taken from around the forum


I like the concept of him speaking through songs.

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