New Hero Concept: Charon - Ferryman of the Damned

Element: Biochem
Position: Midline

Hp 1/5
Armor 1/5
Damage 1/5
Skills 5/5

It is the duke him: "Caron, do not worry:
Want me so far where you can
what you want, and no longer ask".


  • A so called ferryman, helps each member of the team to cross over to the other side.
  • We don’t really know what he means by “the other side”, he always changes the subject when asked.
  • He hasn’t revealed yet for whom or for what he works, he doesn’t take part in any faction and drives away anyone who tries to recruit him, always repeating “I am a ferryman of souls, for an obol I let you pass”.

Bronze: Soul In Distress - eliminates the ally with less health by keeping his soul for himself.

  • The hero will keep the ally’s soul until the end of the game or until his resurrection.
  • [Souls In Distress] works only on human allies

Silver: Beyond The River - the hero resurrects all the allies whose souls he keeps, with 50% health.
Each resurrection consumes 25% of the hero’s health.

Gold: Ferryman - when an ally dies, his soul is automatically collected by Charon, putting the ally on [Standby] for 10sec.
The ally in [Standby] cannot be reanimated, but if you finish the game in both Victory or Defeat, the eliminated allies will be spared a life.

  • if Charon dies within 10sec, all collected souls will be lost.

Platinum: For a Silver Coin - all allies get a [Silver Coin].
The [Silver Coin] allows Charon to resurrect the hero without consuming his health.

  • [For a Silver Coin] blocks the activation of [Ferryman].
  • If other allies resurrect the fallen hero before Charon, the [Silver Coin] will be lost.

Ruby: Supported

Appearance: It is difficult to give him a fixed appearance, every person who meets him says a different thing.
the most common appearance and clothing that is credited are:
an elderly man with a very tall, slender and slightly hunchbacked body, extremely tapered and long hands, red eyes like fire and very long ash white hair.
very dark clothes or a cloak and hood that covers the entire face, bandages everywhere that cover the entire face leaving only the left eye uncovered and very long and thin hair.
Some say that he floats instead of walking or that he misses his legs and constantly generates a kind of green fluorescent smoke.

His Weapon: Souls Of The Wanderers
is not a physical weapon, but souls of the deceased who were not given a coin to pass across the river and forced to wander in exile into oblivion for eternity.
Take the form of small water green fire balls.
Fire rate very high and very precise, but the damage is extremely low.
do not consume ammunition, but the health of the hero. each soul consumes 5% of it

Class: Special
Shooting Rate: 3.33
Energy Consumed: 5%
Damage: Extremally Low

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Where did you get the name ideas from?

Reminds me of the one guy who brings people to the underworld of haities. What was his name?

Anyway, I feel like that’s a good idea. Hopefully the developers can try an do the heart thing, where they dont loose a life.

a bit from everywhere.

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