New Hero Concept: Devil - Blues Sister

Before we start.
This concept was born from a cheerful collaboration with Marv1n80, my clan mate and Tattoo artist.
All the drawings were made by him

Cristiano Moretti tattoo

Element: Energy
Faction: Patriots
Position: Midline

Hp 2/5
Armor 2/5
Damage 2/5
Skills 4/5

No, I didn’t sell my soul to the devil for my skill.
it’s all practice, sacrifice and lots of breath

Light Support - Disruptor - Solo Jazz Player - Powerfull but Risky Skills - Glass Armor/Cannon
Alice “Devil” Keytone is an internationally renowned musician who practices her music for fun and to cause heavy moral damage to her enemies and unintentionally also to allies.

Bronze: Evil Notes - performs a trumpet solo for 3sec, that can demoralize both allies and enemies causing disorientation, armor reduction and/or precision reduction.

  • any enemy who is affected by at least one of these negative effects, has a 10% chance of failing the next reload.

Silver: Solo Play - The hero will try to play something.
She has a 50% chance of activating [Evil Notes], curing one or all allies randomly or jarring a note by stunting nearby allies or a random enemy for 1sec.

  • if [Solo Play] activates [Evil Notes] while it is already loaded, the skill will activate automatically extending the execution time.

Gold: I Want You - when the hero activates one skill, the other reloads faster.
If they are both charged, she will execute them together, prolonging and guaranteeing all the positive and negative effects, but leaving the hero exposed for much longer.

Platinum: Agony - after using [Evil Notes], enemies and allies can suffer [Agony].
Agonized heroes can suffer a 50% reduction in their maximum health, be slowed down by 20% in movement speed and weapon reload, and suffer damage from the recoil of their weapons.


Only the intro is drawn by me (you can tell) and basically it’s the meme of the trumpet boy.

Appearance: is an African-American girl.
She’s tall with an athletic physique, dark skin, long curly black hair and has a cybernetic right arm.
She wears a short-sleeved blouse with short sleeves, braces, a pair of black trousers with one leg and white running shoes.

Her Weapon: “Bolden
it’s a gun/trumpet.
It has a very high rate of fire and virtually infinite ammunition capacity, but it has a fairly medium damage and Devil starts to suffer damage due to lack of air if it “shoots” for too long.
It converts sound into damage.
It’s a trumpet, what do you expect?

Class: Special
Shooting rate: 9.50
ammunition capacity: :infinity:
Pause*: every 12/15 sec
damage: Low

*is intended as a pause to let the hero catch his breath, if she plays for too long the damage caused will be reduced and Devil will begin to suffer damage that will increase over time until death.