New hero concept Daniella prescious god of magistrates


Daniella wants to be the angel but she decided to take the title as the god of magistrates faction


Bronze ability- swords for Truth

Daniella will attack a random enemy hero for 25838 damage and then it generates their own bronze ability for magistrates faction heroes.

Silver ability - wings of wisdom

Daniella generates a selected magistrates hero for a silver ability for 1 minute and gains extra 456 damage per minute.

Gold ability - obedience of tomorrow

(Swords for Truth) now adds a 23693 damage per game.

Platinum ability - flamed wings

(Wings of wisdom) now reduces 30 second and gains additional 28063 damage

Ruby ability - well being forces

Magistrates faction heroes is now gaing 42728 damage per game.

Diamond ability - power of herself

This factional god will now gaing 35789 per game.

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