New hero concept: Myrna KLG irregulars factional god


Myrna plans for her war against UAF and after the war she would be attempt to be the god of another KLG faction.

Bronze ability- swords for freedom

Myrna brings her own weapon sword and deals all KLG irregulars hero for 3788 damage

Silver ability - Electric Smith

Myrna calls Marianas and kills the strongest enemy hero deals extra 8499 damage

Gold ability - protonic swords

(Swords for freedom) now deals extra 4389 damage in every KLG irregulars hero

Platinum ability - astral chain

(Electric Smith) now deals extra 5990 plus 13% critical damage

Ruby Ability - the heavy competitor

All KLG irregulars hero now deals extra 53839 damage per battle.

Diamond ability - idle veterans

She is now deals extra 63327 damage including her KLG irregulars heroes.

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