New Hero Concept: Django - The Dirty Side of Justice

Element: Mech
Faction: Global Forces
Position: Midline

Hp 2/5
Armor 2/5
Damage 4/5
Skills 4/5

Justice… everybody talks about wanting justice, everybody wants to do justice… everybody says, but nobody does.
you see, the way I think, you don’t have to see, you don’t have to say and you don’t have to wait for others… you don’t have to try.
… I waited for years for my justice to be applied, nobody moved a finger until I decided to act alone… I’m not trying to be a hero, I don’t want to be one, and I’m not interested in the discourse “you can’t kill a murderer because it won’t change anything”… they’ re wrong about that.
because at that point… there will be one less on the list.

DPS - Heavy Hitter - Disruptor - Gunslinger - One Hit Use Silver

  • An outlaw legislator, survives today’s world by completing contracts and brooding over his stormy past.
  • He has adopted a mercenary life even though he is not one, he is known to be ruthless and cold-blooded but all this is to trace back to the people on his personal list.
  • He has eliminated many rotten apples during his years of activity, extremely dangerous people from every corner of the world and faction, but for him they are nothing but small fish.

Bronze: Dead Eye Justice - mark all enemies with [Dead Eye Justice].
The bullets of the weapon will cause X more damage and stagger the target, while the final bullet will cause total damage equal to the previous bullets with a 75% chance of critical hit.

  • Once a target has been chosen, [Dead Eye Justice] will disappear from other enemies.

Silver: Double Misfortune - the hero draws a second revolver.
With two revolvers the hero slightly reduces his reload speed but increases his offensive mod.
In addition, it allows the hero to shoot two targets at a time until they are within his field of view and extend [Dead Eye Justice].

  • the hero can shoot two targets at a time only in auto mode

Gold: Run & Shoot - allows the hero to shoot enemies while on the move.
If the hero hasn’t fired any shots re-entering cover, the next bullet is 100% critical.

  • [Run & Shot] activates automatically but shooting accuracy is extremely low.
  • will remain active until at least two covers are present on the hero’s line.

here again i cant decide what skill keep since are both good

Platinum (1): Russian Roulette - Before he dies, the hero puts a gun to his head and tries his luck.
If he wins, he dies.
If he loses, he regains 30% health, gets a buff of 10% at damage and a fast reload speed for the next magazine.

  • [Russian Roulette] can be activated several times during the game, as long as the hero has obtained a health value equal to or higher than X.

Platinum (2): Gunslinger - The weapon gets a different bonus depending on the firing style adopted by the player.

  • A slow rate of fire increases accuracy and critical damage.
  • A fast rate of fire increases the damage from each bullet until the target is hit.

Ruby: Doing Damage

Bio & Appearance
Django is a very private person, serious and scary and angry to the core.
He hardly ever talks, he has a very subtle sense of humour and when you are with him, the anxiety he creates can be cut with a knife.
He drives away anyone who tries to follow him, going so far as to use violence if necessary.

He is a tall, very thin afro-american man, but still with a good athletic physique.
he has curly black hair, circle beard with a slightly longer goatee with some beard hair and hair grey.
He wears mostly black or very dark clothes.
He wears a light abdominal armor, a cowboy trench coat, trousers, cowboy boots, a fedora, a bandana and round dark glasses.

His Weapons: Hays & Selman
Hays is the main weapon while Selman is the extra
are two very old and heavy revolvers.
They have enormous firepower, a medium-low rate of fire and good accuracy.
They have a very low ammunition quantity and reload speed.
The handle is made of red mahogany wood, the iron part is shiny black, skulls are drawn on the drums of the guns.

Class: Pistols
Shooting Rate: 5.00
Ammunition Capacity: 5 each
Damage: Very High


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