New Hero Concept: Dug Duckers - Mutated Super Duck Soldier

5 :star: Hero Concept

Element: Mechanical image
Faction: Patriots image
Position: Frontline

Hp 4/5
Armor 4/5
Elemental Armor 2/5
Damage 5/5
Elemental Damage 2.5/5
Skills 3/5

a bit of Backstory

Dug wasn’t always a duck.
No, he was a human just like you; he was a soldier, more specifically a overly 90 years old veteran.
He partecipated in many conflicts and developed an extraordinary battle knowledge.
He was the perfect example of a patriot, always ready to serve his county whenever needed, even in his advanced elderly years.
Dug had a huge problem tho, something that even himself couldn’t never image; he was a terminally ill 4th grade cancer patient.
But even in that state and through all that pain, still believes he could do more and decided to accept and undergo a secret military experiment that promises to completally heal him.
A not said counter indication was that there were high probability to lose himself forever.

The experiment consisted in a DNA fusion with different selected animals to empower the soldier.
Everything went fine through the experiment, but in the end something went wrong and instead of fusing two bodies in one, two heavily mutated beings were born.

The first being got a perfect physique, massive body and ultra buffed, but with the head of a duck. (think about Captain America, with the size of Hulk and the head of a duck)
The second beings got the body of a duck and the head of a human; unfortunately it died 5 hours later for breathing complications.

The first being, named Dug Ducker in honor of both Dug and the duck; not counting the major flaws, presented a highly intelligence and battle knowledge, plus the massive strength it has, made him one of the strongest super animal soldier successfully created.
Ironically, he works under the forces of the Patriots under a service contract.

One of his flaws is the inability of talk, he just quacks around.


dug bronze Quack

Dug quacks and something happen.

  • anything can happen


Dug quacks angrirly and obtain a massive buff;
Boost his base damage for half of his mag by 300% max, increase his weapon mag by double the size, cleanse all negative effects and prolong all the positive ones.

  • attracts all incoming damage
  • Pecking remains active till the mag is emptied

Constant Suffer

Whenever Dug kills an enemy, reloads his weapon instantly and boosts the damage by half mag.

  • the damage boost is 5.783 max

Another Way to Go

Every time Dug quacks, restores 150.000 health max

image Tanked Up!

Dug is a giant Humanoid Duck.
The head is of a duck, the rest of the body is human covered in feathers, about the size of MK. 2
He wears black heavy military boots, Cargo tactical pants, technicly he’s shirtless but has an enormous belt crossing his trunk.

hey, dont tell anyone that i forgot to draw the belt and color the pants belt

He also has an infinite ammunition generator backpack, the Infini-matter, thanks to a battery and an energy coverter, uses small ammounts of matter, such as dust or small debrils, to constantly generate ammos for his gun.


It’s a massive machine gun, it is connected to a backpack by an ammo belt.
Has a pretty much fast rate of fire, a considerably small mag, but good control and good precision.
The weapon itself has infinite ammo capacity due to the generator backpack, but has a burst limiter that prevents the weapon to overheat to barrel melting point and explode… also for Dug himself otherwise he wouldn’t stop shooting

here reload is intended as changing the overheated barrel for a new one

Class: LMG
Damage per bullet: 4.327 max
Damage per mag: 129.810 max
Damage per second: 2.163 max
Spread: Low
Ammunition Capacity: 30 / 60 when silver active
Fire Rate: 18.02

now image him flexing under every beat

All icons, except the bronze skill, are taken from around the forum and



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