New Suggestion Skill Type

Hello guys. Just thinking.

Can we have a skill where all the enemy freezes,


and every hero can be unfreeze if it uses its skill.


No time duration. Just when the skill is used to trigger defrost.

What do you think??? ehhheeh


Is there even a skill where it freezes a hero? Most of the skills just burn/shock them lol.

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Thats why I stated as New suggestion… hehehe… New type of skill perhaps…

Yeah, ice is nice. Support. :+1:

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All kinds of *new skills could be brought up with ice… frozen, slipping, ice spikes, etc. love the idea. Subzero is one of my favorite characters in MK.

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This is the only element that I didn’t see in the game… The ICE…

Love the Subzero too…

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There have been several hero concepts which focus a lot on freezing. As for functionality, Alvarez and basically any stun hero will do just that.

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but there a difference… they all have time limit, where as this is randomly. depends on how long your skill will finish cooldown… thus, all enemies will defrost at random time, not on the same time

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