🍹 New Hero Concept - Honobann: The Free Spirit

“Take it easy friend, Brother Honobann is here to lift the load with you. The going may be rough, going against the grain even, but we’ll take it nice and easy. There’s nothing we cannot do together.”

(Elegant, functional armor underneath a warm-colored cloak. Futuristic and folksy in a warm, colorful outfit)

Honobann (Ishmael Honobann) | 34 | Versatile Support – Suppressing Neutralizer – Good-Natured Defender | Mech

A charismatic, independent wanderer, Ishmael Honobann once lived a poor and destitute life of solitutde, scrounging to survive in the streets after Zero Day with no family or relatives. After Kurtz siezed control of the city, Honobann fled to the outskirts in an attempt to survive, only to come in contact with the Rangers.

Honobann would join them for a time, growing with the others in a tightly-knit brotherhood. However, he hastily left after a botched mission left Bolt severely injured, the wrath of the other Rangers at his back. The young wanderer barely escaped with his life.

The next several months would prove to teach Honobann plenty of lessons. He saw that many people needed help, and that he thrived by building other people up. He also recognized his ability to step up to a daunting situation and neutralize it, preventing many potential conflicts from occurring.

Now employed as a multi-role mercenary, Honobann strives to fight for others, hoping to save one more life whenever he can. He wouldn’t it any other way, after all, what’s a free spirit useful for anyway?


“A powerful neutralizer, able to effectively stifle enemies while simultaneously boosting his allies, assisting his team even after death.”

Bronze – Step UpTaunting the enemy for 3 seconds, this hero applies a charge of [Step Up] to the targeted enemy, dealing x damage. Each charge reduces damage dealt by 11%, decreases healing received by 7%, and deals x damage for each active skill used, up to a maximum of 6 charges per enemy.

If an enemy is given all 6 charges of [Step Up], they are instantly killed.

Silver – Good Times – Throws a stationary, personal defense pack to each surviving ally. Each area heals x health per second, and adds an equal x shield every second, for 7 seconds.

Gold – Grit n’ Gumption – Whenever an enemy is cleansed of [Step Up], this hero recovers x health per charge cleansed. If any enemies are cleansed of 3 or more charges of [Step Up], he also reduces the cooldown of [Good Times] by 50%.

Platinum – Kindred Spirit – Whenever this hero has 20% health or less, all allies deal an additional x damage per second. Upon this hero’s death, the damage boost is lost, and all allies heal x per second for 20 seconds. The health boost can only be activated once.

Breckshaw MKII Sling Gun
Weapon Type: Special
Rate of Fire: 2.51 rounds / sec
Ammo Capacity: 18
Reload Time: 2.6 seconds
Damage: Low/Medium damage, a bit higher than Salvatore’s weapon.

(Creator Notes: Good Times is similar in nature to Moss’ Healing Cloud, except it is slightly smaller, heals less, but gives equal parts healing and shielding.)


Hi there! Thought I would make an elegant, supporting character that could start as a 5*, someone who could be used to mitigate an enemy that’s especially dangerous. As usual, comments and likes are really appreciated, thanks! :wink:


Basically it’s Jesus with a rifle.

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Why use a rifle when you have the Sword of the Spirit? (the Bible?) :thinking: :joy:


I really like this new concept character! I hope he will become a hero in HH.

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A distant dream, hopefully one day :slight_smile:

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Made an edit to his bronze that gives him eliminating power. Overall, his bronze would charge quickly, and it could do some major damage if left unchecked. However, the downside is that he will get lots of damage through taunting, requiring support.

So basically he’s a hippie who’s prone to violence?

I like to think he’s pretty consistent with his profession, but yeah maybe idk lol.