New hero concept kara: UAF airborne god


Kara and her pet hawk named karom, they decide to know each other at all. During the guerrilla conflict between KLG and UAF, kara decided not to go in the city because her hawk escaping in the town to the city. When the guerrilla conflict falls, kara and her hawk pet karom decided to go back in the city after 3 years of conflict then, she put back in the position as the factional god.


Bronze ability - Othello

Creates a durability function of UAF airborne faction, generates extra 2,500 damage per second.

Silver ability - ascending hawk

Kara will spawn her own pet hawk, targets the strongest enemy hero and heals the lowest remaining health of all UAF airborne faction. That’s why Kara and UAF airborne faction gaves 0.09% critical chance.

Gold ability - crucial fears

(Othello) can now adds an additional 5,800 damage per minutes for UAF airborne.

Platinum ability - revenge of the Hawkeye

(Ascending hawk) now gains additional 11% critical chance for UAF airborne.

Ruby ability - adrenaline junkie

Per beginning in the game, UAF airborne faction can now deals 12,568 shield damage.

Diamond ability - stimulus airs

UAF airborne faction can now deals up to more than 11% critical chance per game.

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