New Hero Concept: Kasper - The Anarchist punk

Biochemical Hero
Faction: Morlok

This rude and aggressive man with a hairstyle that violates every law of gravity, he will not let anyone put his feet on his head so easly.

Hp 3/5
Armour 2/5
Damage 3/5
Skills 4/5

Bronze: Molotov - He throws a Molotov that explodes on contact and sets the target on fire for 8 seconds
Silver: Power Beer - untaps and drinks a beer receiving a damage bonus, when the effect of Power Beer ends, Kasper suffers stunning for 5 seconds

Gold: ISBWID - improves the aim and accelerates the reload speed when he is under the effect of Power Beer

Platinum: Anarchy - occasionally active 1 random ability of an allied hero

appearance: it is very thin, it is dressed in punk style 70s, with studded leather jacket, ripped jeans, chains here and there and black boots

something like this :arrow_down_small:

and these are his hair

He is armed with a black P90 with green details (very high rate of fire, fast charging but low damage)


a pinch of Backstory:
Kasper and Heimlock talking a bit.
Heimlock - So Kas, I want to know you better, what do you tell me?
Kasper - … not much to say about me, as a kid I ran away from home with my brother and we grew up in the streets between thefts and crimes, then my brother “tired of that life” bought a guitar and went away, leaving me completely alone.
Heimlock - HmmHm …
Kasper - then the war broke out and I joined the Morlok, because being on the street or joining with you did not make much difference.
then what else …
Razorback passing by and hearing them talking broke in screaming - are you telling him that you’re in love with Phoenix?
Kasper spun around with a pretty angry expression on his face.
Heimlock smiled under his mustache and Ghoul from afar - who’s in love with what?
Kasper very angry and blushed stood up pushed away Razorback who was laughing and gagging went away screaming - **** YOU ALL

for now this is how much, if anything else comes to mind, I will add more later.
the usual thanks to Albertolm33, HH and the community

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