New Hero Concept: Lumos - Human Reflector

Element: Energy
Position: Midline

Hp 1/5
Armor 1/5
Damage 2/5
Skills 3/5

God has given me this power and I will use it to annoy people, even after death.

Distractor - Glass Everything - Disruptor

  • an elusive fighter… perhaps too elusive, using natural ambient light to blind anyone who tries to stare at him.
  • As a joke, many people call him lumino, and depending on the angle, he offers spectacular light shows.
  • He was born with a genetic mutation that caused his skin to crystallise, and to annoy those around him he keeps moving to make it creak.

Bronze: Bioluminescence - the hero starts glowing, blinding enemies and increasing his chances of dodging incoming bullets for 10sec.

  • [Bioluminescence] works better in dark maps, allowing the hero to distract enemies from attacking nearby allies.

Silver: Light Chain - the hero chains the target, locking him in place for 8 sec.
For the duration, the chain will emit a weak light that will mark the target and prevent all nearby enemies from gaining invisibility.

Gold: Glass Armor - The hero will start reflecting the natural light of the map, dazzling any enemy that tries to stare at him and forcing them to change targets.
If [Bioluminescence] is activated, the light will increase, blinding all enemies and increasing the chance of dodging incoming attacks for all allies.

  • [Glass Armor] works better in light maps.

Platinum: Solar Photocells - the hero recovers health per second every time he stays out of cover.

Ruby: Supported

in a nutshell… no one has ever seen it in its true form, because it reflects so much light that it can blind people.
And that’s okay, he may be naked but we don’t know because we can’t look at him.
And putting him in a dark room doesn’t work either because he’ll be invisible.
But the thermal cameras show that he’s tall. That’s it.

His Weapon: Ordinary MP
a simple service pistol with a 4-round burst of 16 rounds.
medium rate, accurate, mediocre damage, and fast reloading… nothing special

Class: Pistols
Shooting Rate: 4.20
Ammunition Capacity: 16
Damage: Mediocre


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