New hero concept: Moira, god of KLG black ops


After millions of years ago, Moira decided to lead and worship the KLG black ops faction.

Bronze ability- Trojan horse

Moira calls Cyber for a massive enemy hack in your battlefield. it deals all KLG black ops heroes in 13,364 damage per effect

Silver ability - Ultra void curse

Moira calls stygia for a big void explosion with ultraviolet radiation effect. in then stygia deals 3,570 and heals 12,579 damage.

Gold ability - massive malware

(Trojan horse) can now deals extra 3573 damage and 45% critical chance

Platinum ability - void nukes

(Ultra void curse) can now deals 36,789 damage per KLG black ops heroes.

Ruby ability-visual integration

Every KLG black ops heroes is now shielded for 45,936 damage.

Diamond ability - dread of patience

(Trojan horse) and (Ultra void curse) is now dealing 37889 damage per game.

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