New Hero Concept: Professor Simian

Background: Experimented on in hope of finding a missing link, Simian was given a high IQ. With such a gift, he was eventually able to teach people with his knowledge. But with high IQ and being of different species, he often questions where does he belong.

Weapon: Banana gun



  • Bronze: Potassium (eats a banana and discards the peel towards a random enemy where they have a chance to *slip)
  • Silver: Split (lunges at the enemy target and scratches their face 5 times before jumping back)
  • Gold: Appealing (Allies with the lowest health will receive a recovery bonus from bananas)
  • Plat: Pineapple Bomb (at random times will toss a pineapple bomb into the battlefield for extra damage)
  • Ruby: insert ruby skill here

*Slip will act like a stun. they slip and fall and sit there for a few seconds

His look is rather simple. An ape with a hat, like a bowler hat or similar in fashion. little bowtie a vest.

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