New Hero Concept - Shoreman Energy Captain

My favorite hero has always been Keel and have created much cosplay about her being the ship captain, only mech, commanding a filthy lot of Bio sea pirates.

I’ve had this idea of a black hero like Blade (Wesley Snipes trilogy version appearance but an attitude more like “Game of Death 2010”). Then I used “black wesson” skin, which is actually navy blue, and thought of a sea captain zombie mutated hero that was Keel’s long lost old love, returned.

So he has a hat and uniform similar to Wesson, a zombie face like Halloween Matador, and weapons fighting style of Blade. And is energy because he was drowned at sea and uncovered a pocket orb or heronium buried 20,000 leagues under, and it mutates him with electricity mixed with water power.

Hero concept

Faction: Shoreman
Element: Energy - Blue

Blade (Marvel Blade trilogy Wesley Snipes version). Black sword ninja.

Zombie face and only one remaining arm melting from underwater electric shock therapy. Other arm is a shooting harpoon on chain.

Blue and black colors.

Thanks for reading. Add your thoughts?

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Are they zombie? Vampire hunter? Is it a holiday skin?

What about the moves, the weapon, a concept?