🐲 New Hero Concept - Skive: The Risk-Caller

“Everybody wants to win, but most play it safe in cowardice, never really trying. I would rather suffer than be like one of them. Nevertheless, whoever I fight with will know what it’s like to truly give it their all.”

Skive (Asa Brigmeyer) | 26 | Risk-taking Leader – Offensive Booster – Reckless Fighter | Biochem

A former soldier under Wesson’s UAF forces, Asa Brigmeyer never knew what true sacrifice was. Born into a affluent military family, Asa saw the people around him pick up after his mistakes, him receiving few reprimands for his actions.

Consequently, Asa began to push his boundaries, becoming more reckless and selfish in his actions, often hurting others in the process. His reckless demeanor would take him to the UAF military outfit for disciplinary treatment.

It was here Asa honed his skill of ranked manipulation, making secretive loans and agreements in exchange for new tech and upgraded weaponry. His shrewd dealings got him the rank of company sergeant, where he ordered risky, even costly UAF victories; bought with blood, metal, and sweat. Pushing his men to the extreme, they say 4 out of 10 gave their lives for Asa, the “Colonel’s Butcher”. Even though they seldom saw defeat, most of his men called him a “skive”, a slang term meaning ‘to split or cut.’

At the current helm of the UAF Airbourne division, Skive well knows what ‘extremes’ are. He has but one creed:

…pain is tolerable, defeat isn’t.


“A self-sustaining and aggressive fighter, risking team survivability in exchange for dangerous and potent offensive boosts.”

Bronze – Power Trip – Dealing 10% damage to all other allies, this hero boosts his weapon damage by x, recovers x health per second, and dodges 50% of enemy fire for 7 seconds.

If an enemy dies during this time, all allies heal 15% of their total health. (Can only be activated once per skill usage.)

Silver – Outlash – For 8 seconds, this hero’s allies receive 30% more damage from enemy fire. At the end of the 8 seconds, all surviving allies boost their damage output by 45%, recover x health per second, and boost movement speed by 25%, all for 8 seconds.

Gold – War Joy – This hero has a 25% chance of recovering (small) x health per round that hits an enemy target. If this hero kills an enemy, they recover 10x health.

Platinum – Brazen – For the first 20 seconds of the mission, this hero increases his firing rate by 10% and armor by x.

Avesum Round4 Modded Carbine
Weapon Type: Assault
Rate of Fire: 5.76 rounds / sec
Ammo Capacity: 38
Reload Time: 1.7 seconds
Damage: Medium base damage, but very dangerous with Power Trip skill


Hey guys! Hope you like this hero, I wanted someone who made matches more dynamic, and offered a high-risk, high-reward payout. Be sure to drop a like a like and comment! :wink:


He look amazing…Nice Work bro

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That would certainly make it into my main team :slight_smile:

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That is cool and very high risk/ high reward but what are the cooldown windows?

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It would likely be a bit longer, but still something that would keep his team on the heat. I really don’t calculate cooldowns, lol.

This is a more colorful model that captures the style of Skive, original artist linked here.