New Hero Summary: Arduin The Bloodlust

“The thrill of battle… is the only thing I have left. I conquer the fight with my bullets. I cannot be dead, immortal some say. Anyone tries to eliminate me will end. Enemies will suffer. I rule the battlefield with bloodlust. Look upon the fallen soldier you left dying and writhe in fear.”

Arduin - Arne Redblood - Fallen Assassin - Covert Ops Sniper - Strategetic Disruptor - Biochem

Patriots/People’s Guard

A fallen soldier in the KLG. Abandoned to die, Arne would have died if not for Flatline. Arne was revived and took in by the Patriots. Arne took a new identity as Arduin and was trained by various Patriots agents. Arduin was exceptionally good in wielding a sniper and was given a sniper rifle designed by Surge.

At his late 40s, Arduin left the Patriots base but still remained loyal to the faction. Wandering in no man’s land, Arduin’s name was spread like wildfire. He has killed many KLG soldiers from a world record distance, causing the KLG to send armies out to scout for the assassin, picking off KLG soldiers one by one. For the time of 2 years, Arduin has wiped 1/2 of the KLG’s infantry. The People’s Guard has heard of his reputation and wants to collaborate with Arduin. The assassin was reluctant but joined anyway after he heard about the plan of joining forces with KLG. Arduin used this chance as a opportunity to assassinate Kurtz himself and getting revenge. To this day, Arduin is training under the capable hands of Ronin and Kaishi and he is now a relentless murderer, the number of infantry in KLG is dropping and Arduin is waiting for the perfect moment to strike.

Things to do in Arduin’s list:

1. Murder Kurtz
2. Take down KLG
3. Be the most bloodthirsty assassin there is in the world.

Description: “The most lethal assassin to live. Wipes enemies with unbelievable speed and destroys enemy compositions while staying undetected from the enemy.”

Uniqueness: This is the only hero that uses mana, starting mana from level 1 is 1000, heals mana by dealing damage to an enemy, healing 50 mana per shot. The number of mana increases by 10 each level and the amount of mana required to use a skill increases by 20 per level.

Active Skills:

Bronze - Bloodlust: Increases this hero’s attack speed by 50% and his next 10 shots heal by 50% of the damage dealt, up to xx health. Drains 200 mana.

Silver - Anabolic Rage: Tosses a knife at an enemy, dealing x damage. If the target is eliminated, boosts this hero’s damage output by xx damage while increasing his shooting and reload speed by 150%. If the enemy survives, deal 75% damage of this hero’s health to himself and boosting his next 3 reloads by 35% the amount of health lost. Drains 700 mana.

Passive Skills:

Gold - Bloodloss: If this hero’s health is under 5%, this hero reduces 50% armor of the next target this hero shoots at for 10 seconds. If the enemy gains a shield, deal damage to both his health and shield, though damage to main health will reduce to 60% while damage to shields is raised to 25% of the shield’s max health. If this hero dies, the enemy that eliminated this hero will be inflicted with xx damage.

Platinum - Vengeance: Deal an extra xx damage x 4 to KLG Lawgivers, reduce 75% dealt by KLG Black Ops heroes and KLG Irregulars are Heal Blocked for the rest of the match.

Creator’s notes:

  • I think this hero might be too overpowered. You guys be the judges.
  • This type of arranging the hero’s information is credited to @Vintermyst.
  • Arduin is actually a name from Arena of Valor and the ability Bloodlust is based on AOV’s passive. The quote at the first sentence is what Arduin says upon viewing him.
  • The pictures are from the series Ghost Recon and the gun is from
  • Comments are highly appreciated because this is my first hero idea.
  • Thanks to @HecklerP for helping me with this hero

HH IGN: Spyro666
Forums: Spyro666

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Dear lord, there was so much edge this idea that I cut myself just be reading it. Lowkey though, I like the Ghost Recon: Phantoms image.

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Thanks for the credit mate! :upside_down_face: :+1:

Also, nice work with the backstory! I agree that this contains much edge, so for the kids it would probably need to be PG-ified :wink:. As for the skills themselves, the Bronze reminds me of Prophet’s booster skills. The silver, gold and plat skills might need to be toned down a bit, since team synergy can cause some skill ideas to be WAY OP. (Halo’s Plat for instance). Other than that, nice work!

P.S. You will want to move this article to the Community Gallery, that’s where the fan submission go.

Thanks for credit man, appreciate it.

Part of the idea happend to be tied to the aov hero called arduin
Not saying that because the heroes both. Share the same name
But one of arduins quotes from aov is “the thrill of battle is all I have left”
Also arduins perk in aov is called bloodlust
Probally a coinsedence but just asking

Yes that was the idea
I created the hero based on Arduin in AOV
I have given them credit
Didn’t you see the notes?

Didn’t read notes lol but I think it’s pretty cool that he’s based off him