New Hero Concept: Telemat - Infinite Armada

Element: Energy
Position: Midline

Hp 2/5
Armor 2/5
Damage 1/5
Skills 4/5

Yeah, yeah, I’m another one obsessed with drones.
I’ve heard that before.

Drone Support - Team Buffer - Fast Striker - Glass Cannon/Armor

  • A support engineer who commands an infinite number of drones.
  • Telemat, in itself, is not a big deal and he knows that, but if he manage to put his drones in the field he can overturn every situation.
  • Before joining the border, he worked on projects of super drones and other secret weapons for the army.

Bronze: Vanguard Assault - the hero summons a group of 5 drones that will fly over the enemies attacking them constantly.

  • the drones will remain in the field fo 25sec.
  • [Vanguard Assault] and [Rearguard Support] can’t coesist.

Silver: Rearguard Support - the hero recalls a squadron of 5 drones that will fly over the allies donating various boost/buff as armor enhancement or maximum health, gain and regeneration health, reduction of recharge time and execution of skills.

  • The type of Buff/boost is random each time a team is activated.
  • the drones will remain in the field for 25sec.
  • [Vanguard Assault] and [Rearguard Support] can’t coesist.

Gold: Infinite Armada - Each time a drone is destroyed, another will take its place, but this will reduce the team’s remaining time in the field by 1sec.

Platinum: Improved Electronics - the destroyed drones, will drop on the ground some cip that if collected have a 1% chance of recharging a 100% skill of the hero who collected it.

  • The cip will disappear from the ground after 2sec.

Ruby: Supported

Appearance: is a very young boy, about the same age as Hardscope.
is very thin, medium height, black hair pulled back with purple tips and tattoos all over his body.
He wears an ordinary engineer/military mechanic suit covered with protectors, bulletproof vest, elbow and knee protector and a technical backpack.
on his right arm has a pad

His Weapon: Technical Difficulties
is a small machine gun for personal defense.
It has a very high rate, good accuracy and a fairly fast reload, but very low damage and quantity of ammunition.

Class: SMG
Shooting rate : 7.90
ammunition capacity : 15
recharge time : 0.4 sec
damage : Very Low


Love me some drone heroes, plat is a bit unbalanced tho. Maybe a 50% chance of boosting an allies skill by 15%