New hero concept: Triple-eyed

Triple eyed is an alien who has bad eyesight and sees the field as blurry, (If player isnt controlling him he’s just disoriented) but rewards the player for clever guessing and shooting well. Nobody knows what he is or who he came from. But he has a friendly personality and he just says he wants to have an adventure. He’s made a lot of friends and they help him a lot with his vision problems.

Faction: bio
Position: frontline
Weapon: assault rifle

Bronze, borrowed eye: randomly disorients one of his teammates, then makes the field clear. Increases headshot damage by a certain amount and also increases critical chance by 30% when hitting a headshot

Silver, Grenade of compensation: shoots an explosion dealing elemental damage over a wide area.

Gold, shared experience: when the game begins for ten seconds the enemy is disoriented and triple eyed has additional health

Platinum, hope for home: when an ally dies his skills cool down by 50% and he increases his reload rate and attack damage