New Hero Concept: Yokai the Vengeful phantom

Background: Often hiding in the shadows, Yokai waits for the opportunity for the finishing blow. He will only attack those who have done wrong. Wandering from town to town, he leaves a trail of despair. But is this man a vengeful spirit looking to be put to rest or just a skilled man amongst the living?

Weapon: Spirit Pistol

Element: Energy

Faction: Peoples Guard


  • Bronze: Phantom Shot (shoots a will-o-wisp spirit at the enemy doing continuous damage for 4 seconds)
  • Silver: Back Stab (disappears and reappears behind the enemy to deal a critical stab. Deals more damage if the enemy has a debuff)
  • Gold: Spiritual Essence (Phantom Shot will return some health based on the damage given and cleanse a negative effect when Phantom shot is in use)
  • Plat: Spirit Clan (gains a bonus if Hideo is on the team. Hideo also gains a bonus of Spiritual Essence)
  • Ruby: Doing Damage (This Hero recieves a 1,909 elemental attack damage bonus, as well as a 30% Skill Charge bonus for their bronze skill )

the mask

the body
yokai body