New Hero Contest - October Update

Bronze : stun
Silver: aoe blast
Gold: cat drone?
Plat: cat shield?

+1 this. Please dev’s, make these this girl’s skill set. /s

Bronce: Aturde al enemigo / Genera daño adicional.
Plata: Defensa / Recupera energía
Oro: Genera un drone de ataque para control masivo
Platino: Fortifica a héroes aliados / Obtienen salud y blindaje

Mi ID en HH: 1stmetalhead

I think she is a healer in bronze , stuns in silver and make a team shield in gold and make some critical hit chance in platinum .I hope she will be of magudtrated in order to accomplish magistrates month can’t wait for updates and new heroes. …

I’m super curious what’s behind her couch…

Akira; a Japanese Hacker - Energy support

  • Bronze: Confuse - disorient
  • Silver: Recharge Power- team boost in DPS +20% for 10 sec
  • Gold: Drone support - Chance to summon a drone if a team hero die
  • Platinum: Fortify - Improve armor for all team heroes

I love it that she has a can of beer on the ground, my kind of chick

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I dont k ow the name but call it a funny name would be cool
It wil be probably a good reviver like
Bronze revive a fallen team mate
Silver give a huge heal to every team member
Gold automatically revive a team mate once per hero if a hero dies for the second time all other heros are reset and can be revived again
Platinum every time a hero dies it gives the bronze skill 100% cooldown reset

She will be 7stars so they can asked a lot of money for her and she can’t be get that easy

Bronze- stone form of grande
Silver- a team shield
Gold- buff attack power
Plat- buff team starting armor

You are now describing the perfect broken character.
When a hero dies, fully charge her revive skill, the dead hero returns in a few seconds.

Name: Meme
Bronze: toastmaster 3000 - continual burn damage over time.
Silver: MeowTube - deploy holographic TV cat videos to stun all heros who pass through the spot affected
Gold: Netflix and Kill - deals more damage to stunned characters
Plat: couch potato - this character gains health after not moving for a while.

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Kira - Energy Hero for the People’s Guard
Bronze: Viral Video - She deploys a portable holographic projector at the targeted location to distract her foes and spread a virus into their defensive systems. All enemy Heroes within the targeted area are stunned and have their armor reduced by ______ until the [Viral Video] is destroyed.

The [Viral Video] projector lasts for 8 seconds.

Silver: Battery Pack - Tosses a [Battery Pack] to an allied Hero. The [Battery Pack] causes an Allied Hero to gain a 100% faster cooldown and _____ (Energy) Attack Damage for 10 seconds.

Gold: Camera Drone - Kira’s camera drone streams footage from high above the battlefield. Whenever an enemy is damaged by Kira or affected by [Viral Video], the drone will focus on that enemy, removing any invisibility and reducing their weapon damage by ________ per second for 6 seconds.

Platinum: Firewall - All allied heroes gain ________ energy armor and when affected by any negative effect, become immune to any further negative effect for 10 seconds.

Bronze some type of distorted
Silver type of stun maybe throwing the sofa on them?
Gold increase dmg vs Disorientetaded enemies
Plat dance and keep all other enemies dancing for 5 seconds

Bronze instantly fixes current pvp issues
Silver makes people stop complaining and being happy with game again
Gold buffs several old useless heroes so they can be played again
Plat sends out a 420 drone to make the other team feel happy but slow…



Element: Energy/Mechanical
Bronze: Skill that can stun enemy and % to deal higher dmg (Sentry, Beck, Pris)
Silver: Recharge (Fortress) so reg. hp or own shield (drink Glugs)
Gold: Defender drone as passive? lol (Hivemind) works with silver
Plat: maybe Fortify but tis skill also have Castellan (hp and mech armor) so I rather choose Mechanical…
ONE gun (pistol/smg) in picture so probably mid/rear line and support role as Flatline… (also Patriots or People’s guard)

I posted mines on FB, and yet I know I’m not winning crap Lol

Energy hero, bronze skill she attacks a target stunning it and applies a debuff that causes the target to get mini-stunned if they take more damage from allies for 8 secs
Silver ability recharges all Ally skill cooldowns by 15%. For each skill that becomes available she restores some hp to all allies.
Gold skill summon an automated drone every 20 seconds that attacks enemies and has a small chance to stun them for 2 seconds. Can have 2 drones at the same time.
Plat skill for every dead Ally all allies gain small amount of damage and damge reduction. For every dead enemy she gains a 5% faster ability cooldown rate

One of her skills will do something with cover, whether it’s boosting her allies or destroying the enemies cover

Bronce: un ataque aturdidor
Plata: regenera vida a los aliados
Oro: crea un drone para obtener mas ataques
Platino:defensa para todo el equipo

Haha!!! Easily the best skill name ever. Netflix and Kill.

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