New hero drop rates

What if we had it be that the higher VIP level one is, the higher your VIP level the higher a chance is for getting the new hero in the booster crate. This way rewarding VIP members and giving more incentive to het higher VIP status without diminishing people who are true FTP players.

Thats a terrible solution, as f2p players cant get it, but vip level can get you it i n one shot?


If F2P players start mass leave from the game – game will be doom and quick die. Think about this. Fresh examples – Tekken Mobile and Marvel Battle Lines. Both projects was pretty unfriendly for newcomers and F2P players.

Not what I am saying. Current drop rate is 4%. For f2p people it stays 4%. But every VIP level gets an additional bonus. If someone is f2p it changes nothing for them and stays exactly the same.

then vip have the adavntage of getting the new hero faster?! thats BS right there.

that is diminishing others

VIP in itself has advantages. But it doesn’t hurt anyone who isn’t VIP. It stays the same. That means anyone in yo it alliance who has the new hero can help in bounty more.