New Hero Idea: "Merciful"

Hi. I thought of a new hero idea.

Hero name: “Merciful”
Gender: F.
Element: Biochem.
Appearance: medium build, lots of green.
Role: Heals a TON, and burst damages the enemy team whenever her team’s total health is either too high or too low.

HP: 5,904
Damage: 312
Show you Mercy.
Heals 4,321 HP to one character. If they had less than 15% or more than 85% HP, they gain a 500% faster fire rate with class advantage against all classes for 5 seconds.

Get Merci’ed!
Heals 952 HP to all characters with them regenerating 45 more HP each second for 20 seconds (this can stack). For each character that was below 15% or above 85% HP, deal 1,452 damage to an enemy character. All stacking hits only one character.

Healer Instincts.
This character randomly heals characters passively. Each heal heals for 115 HP per second for 5 seconds. The first enemy that hits that character when they are being healed takes 1,572 damage, is marked, and heal-averse (heal block, but all heals actually deal a negative to them) for 5 seconds.

The Bar-Setter, The Gamechanger, and The Finisher.
+At the beginning of the game, deal 1,572 damage to all enemies. They lose 90% attack power for 3 seconds.
+If no heroes die within the first minute, deal 9,251 damage to an enemy. Then heal the friendly with the lowest HP with the damage dealt. If there is excess healing, this hero gains bonus HP and stuns all enemies for 2 seconds.
+When an enemy hero reaches 10% HP, Merciful kills them instantly. When the entire enemy team reaches less than 20% collective HP overall, Merciful kills off the team instantly.

I like the concept of doing more damage when your really high or really low. That could change the tide of the game. I’m not really sure about the numbers though.

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