New Hero Suggestion: Shirayuki, the White Death

Type: Energy
Faction: Mercenaries
Weapon: Pistol
Low Hp, med damage, high armor
Desc. Odachi’s exiled sister. Excels at applying powerful debuffs to enemies, making them easy pickings for her allies
Bronze: Frost Wave: Throws a flurry of knives at the target enemy, dealing damage and disorienting them. An enemy hit will be rooted if they don’t move for x number of seconds
Silver: Kubikiri: Leaps forward and slashes the target enemy, dealing dps and silencing them for x seconds. If the afflicted enemy moves between cover, the duration is refreshed.
Gold: Cold Snap: If an enemy with a debuff is attacked, they have an x% chance to be stunned for x seconds. When this procs, the ally who procced it regains health
Platinum: Frostbite: For each enemy afflicted by a debuff, this hero gains a charge of frostbite (up to 4). Each charge gives her a x% chance to evade enemy attacks and an x% chance to apply heal block on attack. Every time she loses 25% of her max health a charge will be lost

  • Odachi’s sister, she was against her clan’s plan to ally with the KLG. After being exiled from the clan after losing to Odachi, and refusing to ally with the corrupt People’s Guard, she roams the battlefield, slaying anyone regardless of allegiance for only one goal: the swift resolution of the conflict