Hero rework ideas!?

Hey y’all! Just thought I might put an idea or two here,

Odachi change; his gold ability isn’t strong, either buff the health or change it to damage, that way he has added effect for mass destruction and the “cleaves through enemy lines” in his bio would be more accurate. (Ex1: if he heals for 22k hp per sec, change to 22k dmg)Ex2: heals for 125k health per second for 4 seconds, make it 5 seconds, increases duration but increases by 1 second every 5 levels,

Scum; someone just redo him entirely he “stinks” (that’s not a pun)

Fortress; his ability, gold one I think; that helps him switch between offense and defense isn’t effective, ; buff idea;
Fortress;every shot fired increases this heros fire rate rate 5%, stacks infinitely, effect is reset upon reload,

Brogan; he just isn’t that wrong?!
Brogan; Bronze ability; this hero rallies his Allie’s gives them all a 15% faster firerate and 20% faster reload speed, (both increase by 1% every 10 levels). Whenever this hero uses this ability it takes 20% longer to charge each time permenantly until the mission ends, and applies a charge of “random ability name”

Silver ability also applies charge of (random ability name) but does not take longer to charge each use;

Platnium ability; replaces sheild with;; for every charge of (random ability name) this hero and all Allie’s on the battlefield recover (hlth) per second, and (dmg) per second,

Ex; at max (ruby 6 bars) he recovers 50k health per second and 25k dmg per second) {this ability stacks for each charge}

Ruby ability change; initiator


Platnium ability change; whenever he kills an enemy he regens health per second, much like warden, rather than gain something like 60k extra health that doesn’t even stack, turn that amount into regen for 5 or 6 seconds
Prophet; ruby ability change; Tactician

Kurtz; ruby ability; initiator

Clyde; silver; change- the ability originally stated he deals extra damage to heros already stunned, he can’t stun and stun again himself,

Sliver change; if the hero has been previously hit by the ability they take damage equal to 15% of their max health (inspired by pris gold ability)

Any heros you have ideas for? Post below!
(I might add pictures idk I’m lazy)

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Torque; upgrade the silver; sheild health increases by 250%,

Hikari; silver; he gains dmg per second; change it to be gains an extra 15% damage each time up to 150% max,

Fix Obrez please
… I glad to see a Change

What is wrong with Obrez? Haven’t experienced any bugs with her, neither is she underperforming

Yes offcourse no bug but I want increase in her health :pleading_face:

What’s wrong with her health? She’s got plenty to be honest. She can heal herself whenever she wants by destroying cover. If you’re that eager for health can use Heimlock, Oro, Castellan, Elixir, Operator or Duran for example to boost her HP

To be honest she’s kinda underwhelming, I feel like she needs a faster firerate, it’s just soooo slow

Not everything needs to be good. She is a support/debilitator hybrid.
Need some diversity somewhere

Hero; Bucket
Rework; gold ability;
Description; originally she gets major dmg but gets like 1k health per second event at ruby, it’s kinda sucks, change, reduce damage by 95%, and increase health per second to much more,

For me she gain barely 500 hp a sec, turn it into 70000hp per second, allowing her to sustain her own life while saving her Allie’s and not dying instantly when someone goes below 50% health

Basic version; she loses the high amount of damage and gains a high amount of health per second, so she doesn’t die in the first 3 seconds of the match,

(Maybe even replace the damage with armor)

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