New meta with matador

New meta is, crit but matador, use francoise, caine, moss, and a higher matador as damage dealer, enjoy the insane crit hits :wink:

Theorycrafting does not equal new meta… it may be a new concept or strat but that doesn’t make it meta

Crit builds are always nice but I feel that the crit multiplier isn’t high enough to truly benefit from the high crit chance you can get with these setups. Plus matadors accuracy is not best for a true dps. You probably diminishing returns with caine and moss that using a traditional dps would be better than mat

Good concept though. I would like to see more teams with crit builds, That would be a nice alternative to the 4cep based teams


Mate, I know for a fact that I win at least 90% of the matches I play and building meta’s is the only thing I do, pretty sure it’s a meta then take it from a beta tester

Beta tester or not, that team will get ripped apart at the top tier. Matador won’t be meta for a long time, same with Moss as he has been replaced by Duran at this point

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That’s still not “building a meta.” You’re building a good team. The community, based on organic usage and trends, adopts something as a meta, often without realizing it.

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Hmmm, alright my bad then, still have my head in the old times when I created a team and they all said meta, probably old gaming knowledge

ITS not meant to be ripped apart by top teams, because the point is to keep it at low level, but yes in far pvp it’l get shredded, should I make a forum post about most, (actual meta’s) I know, as I know a lot of teams that would demolish others

Also muninn, this is the reason why your the best developer here, always a good attitude and gifs :slight_smile:

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Again that’s great we get it you played since beta … but stats and the META changes constantly, which is why ya gotta stop using that as evidence that your word is gold. I have a couple of friends who play games and are in pro tournaments within a year. Others are part of the development team for games and are proudly mediocre. Time matters until you are past the learning curve, after that it’s your record or reasoning that speaks much louder than your time spent.

I’m sure the cumalative percent crit rate is sexy on paper, but when building your teams maybe you should look more at the whole picture. my previous comment was just thinking your team could be a little more optimized. Like @Gale said, could you perhaps use some of the benefits of better survivability (aka without sacrifice) and other bonuses of Duran over the additional crit chance you want from moss? Crit chance has diminishing returnsat a certain point compared to what is actually being critted… just like days in the game has diminishing returns for expertise in a game after a certain point

If you truly have a 90 percent win rate with Matador as a star, that’s awesome, he’s a great hero. however, my point of using at least one “true dps” can help you understand why were skeptical. Cuz using a pure dps in the team is “meta” based on the current balance of heals/hp/damage/etc of the game.


So when helping the community with teams, I would think specific situations that the team works in is probably helpful info…

The defintiion of meta hasn’t changed dramatically over time and is a pretty common term now, may want to look at those old posts and see if @Muninn’s definition helps