New Min Lore

More Lore on the new hero Min!

According to Bella, she is Korean-Japanese-American mix.

Little side note, Cinder is also Asian. She is from Hong Kong or the Canto Plain.


Where did you get this from?

Discord, the devs were active and told us a ton of stuff after the winners dropped.

Would have been great of they would have pinned it or out it in the game news channel. If you are not that active in discord you easily miss it.

Thanks for sharing.

It’s pinned in the official discord in General-chat.

Whar are it’s skills ??
Is she a magistrate hero ??

Dude, if you look at the picture posted above, RIGHT NEXT TO HER NAME… I wonder what faction insignia that is… can’t be Magistrates can it?


Well, it’s not exactly the same icon than the Magistrates’. Magistrates will have 8 heroes with Brogan and Min. They could do exactly the same they did with UAF when it reached 8 members.

Split them in two faction. Magistrates and a sub-faction, with Min and the robots she takes care of

Then there is also the part in the text which says “Min joined the Magistrates”…

Really doubt she’s Magistrates, you know. She’s probably The Watch, right? Or maybe Rangers. But definitely, not Magistrates.

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I didn’t say she won’t be a Magistrate. I said she may belong to a sub-faction, just like Panzer is not UAF, but UAFA.

Not sure the sarcasm was needed

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Yeah, her emblem has some extra details not found in the in game Magistrates emblem. So she could as you say be part of a new subdivision. Or maybe they’re changing the Magistrates emblem all together. Both theories make sense. :slight_smile: Gotta wait and see.

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I doubt it’s a sub-faction - the difference in details is not distinctive enough.

Look at the insignia for UAF/UAFA and KLG/KLG Black Ops - they have the same design theme but are markedly distinct (and KLG Irregulars is totally different).

Well nothing is certain until the patch hits I guess, so we can continue to speculate

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I actually could see two divisions of the magistrates, but I doubt that there would ever be multiple divisions. They could be magistrates defensive and magistrates offensive, but I doubt that this will happen as the magistrates don’t play a big role in the campaign.

Any word or confirmation that Min will be an Energy hero?

Her name being in blue indicates that she will be energy.

TBH everything about her screams “I’M ENERGY”.

I’m also speculating that next month’s hero will be a 3-star bio named Max.

Together, Min and Max will solve some of our frequently discussed pvp issues.


and if the PvP issues still unsolved after the release of this Max hero, at least they will end it in the next next month,
hopefully, in the end all complaints regarding PvP issues will be resolved after they release a mech hero named Average, or just call it AVG/ Avigi, it sounds more cool…

I could envisions a hero like that though. Like a hero that scales up to the top enemy hero and counters them in element. There would be a ton of technicality (such as what would count as a min/max power difference), but it would be neat to see and may remedy the min/max issue a bit.