New store and new kinds of heronium

Okay, at this moment all in-game resources is story based. Except… Ta-dam! Pure and corrupted heronium. Astral and Void heroes is pretty hard to get and when you get them 10* it’s strange recieving regular heronium. How about add new store where players may spend new heronium on something really awesome – for example mythic skins, ruby core fragments, avatars, Astral/Void fragments, etc? This is will good and for players, and for devs – firsts got extra motivation maxed their Astral/Void characters and than catch some rare on unique thingy, seconds got boost of donations or player’s online.


I am totally agree with you. It should be.

Or like astral and void tokens to the heronium shop as well and there would be a separate shop to get void heroes, mythic and the rare skins accompanied with each new hero per update

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I agree. If we can’t use regular universal frags on Astral and Void heroes it makes sense to have a different kind of heronium.

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