Separated heronium for void/astral

Fragments of void or astral heroes are difficult to come by. However, if you are lucky or spend a fortune to max them out, then, when you Get more from crates,they turns into worthless normal heronium.
Any plan to change such unfair practices??


Heronium is useful, and should be used for obtaining frags and other resources for upgrading your team and heroes, however deca said nah and ruined the frags in the heronium store. The fact they ripped everyone off by making the astral and void frags in the store such a high price was one thing, then they decided to lower the quantity to an absurdly low amount as well. They just don’t want anyone to upgrade new heroes unless they spend money I guess.

However an idea of different rewards for for excess fragments of maxed void/astral heroes, such as separate heronium, isn’t too far fetched. Technically in lore terms purified heronium and corrupted (I forget if it’s called corrupted or not, too lazy to check) are variants of heronium and do exist. Although if they added a special store for this that would just be a pain, unless they solve the fragments issue first.

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