Story Of Zero Day

I’m curious to know about the story of Zero Day although I’ve cleared all the campaign missions upto 14-10 but yet idk the story of zero day. Can someone tell me ?


Everything started because Wesson didn’t invited Kurtz to his birthday.


And heronium balloons were blasted by colonel but Kurtz was blamed that he stole them.


The UAF found a heronium warhead. Wesson said Kurtz stole it from them, but Wesson lied to them and was really planning to stop Zero Day by setting them off. Before fighting Kurtz, he tells the UAF Wesson had lied to them and he tried to stop Zero Day from happening, but failed. The UAF didn’t believe him until they defeated him and realized what they had done.

In District 14, Wesson makes the UAF Airborne fight the UAF, as well as calling all the factions to fight them. But in the end we win, of course, and reveal the truth to the other factions to stop Wesson.


I am genuinely interested in this. What i do can do is create on myself as my hero concepts are based around zero day!

I imagine Zero Day itself is when the Heronium Warheads were set off, causing a nuclear fallout.

Or something like that.

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I could see Zero Day and the following destruction being a prelude campaign story. The newer heroes can be utilized as main figures, allowing them to be integrated into HH lore more solidly.

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