Not able to view private messages

So I’m really enjoying this game and have my own alliance in which I’m trying to get active members. Well I’m not a fan of people joining without contributing so I made the alliance private so anyone who wants to join has to message me or my officers. This way we can tell if they will be active or not. Every few days I put in VIP and global chat to message me if interested in joining. Whenever I’m not in the game I will get notifications to my phone saying somebody has sent me a private message. It’ll say their name and say the are interested or whatever they typed. But when I go onto my game I can’t view the conversation. I don’t know if my private messages are full or if my game is just bugged out. Can anyone help me fix this?

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I guess it’s worth noting that I can see private messages if someone messages me while I’m on the game. It pops up in the chat and I can go see it. But if I’m not in game I only get the notification. I can not view or respond.

Hey @ProdigyBoyEric,

With issues like this, it would be fantastic if you could email into support as they might be able to help you out.

Please see for how to contact support.