Odd but infuriating glitch

I wasn’t able to log in for the past two days but offline mode was (somehow) working, so when I logged in today I lost everything I did over the past two days…

Platinum Odachi, level 85 is now gold 4, level 83

800 love crate tokens

Silver level 3 star shank. Now I don’t even have him

UAF skin for lancer

Gold two maven, now gold one

And two days worth of store purchases.

This happened less than 10 minutes ago from the time of this post.

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That’s the danger of offline mode. Not a glitch. The server can’t validate what you did when you weren’t connected, so it rolls back, to prevent exploits. Always play online whenever possible.

The only reason we allow offline play is the storm of complaints that come when players are unable to play a game at all due to a lack of connection. Far worse than occasional progress rollback.


It somehow just gave me the skin back. It’s there now.

And now it gave back shank.

I didn’t even know there WAS an off-line mode

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